Ordinary monster types

Skeleton in diablo iii king in the back, and this time still play the skull of the old trick call. Players will see him sit on her throne, need to use the quest items to awaken him. Leo says rick waved huge hammer and command the undead armies. He is a task boss, is also a demo version of the final boss player will face.

Below you will find the game all known monster types of list, it includes all the characteristics of a monster. With more and more news out of the list is updated.

Each monster types all have their own monster populations, such as Dark christians (Dark Cultist) species including Dark Summoner (Dark Summoner) and Dark incarnation (Dark Vessel). Different species have very different properties, such as life value, resistance level and special abilities, etc. In addition, in the different scene you can nearly always find all the monster types, senior scene monster equipment better, more easy to win your hero.

As we expected, diablo 3 have many different kinds, and evil demons, zombies and monsters, etc. Many monster types is just some previous, others are related monster upgrade edition; Wood tumor Walker (Gnarled Walker) is a good example, it is from thorns giants (Thorned Hulk) upgrade. Of course, the game also ushered in the many new monsters such as sand dunes hitter (Dune Thresher). 

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