Female Witch Doctor–Ladder Reset


For over a decade, Battle.net has connected players from around the world. With its upcoming overhaul, the service will take this capability to the next level with the introduction of its brand-new matchmaking functionality.

In our heart of hearts, what we are really looking for in another person is a connection that’s deep, meaningful, and true; we are all looking for our perfect match. Find out now how Battle.net’s new and improved matchmaking service will help you find someone to pwn noobs with on our and make sure to watch the new service’s

The 1.13 patch for Diablo II is now live! With this patch we have included a number of changes including a new respec system, allowing you to reset your character’s stats and skills. To update to 1.13 simply connect to Battle.net, or to download and install manually visit our.of 1.13 the Diablo II ladder has been reset and all previous ladder characters are now normal non-ladder characters. To participate in the new ladder you’ll need to create a new character and ensure the “Ladder Character” option is checked. For more information on ladder characters visit the Arreat Summit

The female witch doctor has been added to our Diablo III site, and you can head over now to check out a new concept, as well as a close up of her in-game model. An apple a day will ensure you can avoid having to visit this alchemist of undeath at the