Diablo 3 launch date announced finally

More than ten years of waiting! Blizzard finally stop Soon â„¢ yesterday! In will diablo iii be released on May 15, 2012, after the public offer, the player’s enthusiasm was immediately ignite! At the same time blizzard announced that the world of warcraft annual fee in advance of the user can now download official version of the digital version of the client, blizzard Taiwan also announced the traditional Chinese version, and 1499 in advance of the users with digital battle.net currency the client downloads.

Note that in 15 days before the arrival, and has been encrypted client is can’t install. It can only wait to selling day can. But we can still through the help of some technology ace a peek into the client program of a small secret. Today is to introduce some client installed under the picture pictures of reconciliation said. These delicate hand plot and make once again we remember once long ago in the game experience of it, and to diablo iii in the game do twisted.

My name is deckard Cain. I am the horadrim, to protect human from burning devil’s legion of infringement of the secret organization last descendant. I already old, must let my knowledge to transmit. Human should never forget that we and the hell of the struggle between the lords, because they do not reach purpose will never give up.

Diablo and baal and mephisto this three fiend was raging in our world, until the horadric, that in order to beat them and spell their soul imprisoned in the soul of the stone of the establishment of the organization.