Monster: Jordan (Jondar)
Description: the necromancer defectors
Haunted the place: the cathedral the third
Jordan eldest brother very mysterious, from his short experiences can see it, he was a wizard, betrayed family after became became a necromancer, was the result of the templar hunted down and killed. When the player in the cathedral layer 3 save for after Jordan and happened to be imprisoned of templar, he will invite the player will kill with Jordan. Only from the Jordan this name we can guess his bold behind still should have a lot of stories, they should be formal edition after coming out again carefully discover one time.

Monster: the Skeleton King (Skeleton King)
Description: tristram mad king
Haunted location: the king of skeleton chamber of secrets
From 1 skeleton diablo king Leo says rick story everyone is familiar, in this not repeat, not really the whole of the detail of the students can reference the horn of Kane in diablo encyclopedia entries. From beta open to now, poor Lao li does not know by crazy players struck many, many times…

Monster: crazy rogge (Lloigor the Crazed)
Description: crazy wizard
Haunted the place: the cathedral on the fourth floor
Crazy rogge is a will randomly appear in the cathedral in the fourth layer wizard NPC, when players found him, he was addicted to the study of the book of the eyes. When players close, he will throw out a gold coin, buy you let you go, let him can clean study scroll, when the player tried to close to the book, he will fall out to conjure the bat together with the players. From the performance and he just a few words can see, he is a difficulty with the spell of scroll wizard, such a plot performance in diablo generation is we have known each other. In the generation of the eighth floor dungeon, players can in a magic library crazed wizard Zhar the Mad, triggered the scenarios also is roughly same, just throw out is a scroll of Zhar rather than gold.

Monster: the DengNi DE lords (Lord Dunhyld)
Description: sad spirits
Haunted the site: profane crypt
DengNi DE lords is an elite haunter strange. In The random events “a Matriarch remains” (The Matriarch ‘s Bones), DengNi DE lords of The boss to shut The looming appear as. In the random events, the rest of the grave DengNi DE couple intrusion by grave robbers, DengNi DE lady be remains to be grave robbers throw of the is everywhere, her haunter players to search the entire grave request and took her bones found, and put back the sarcophagus, good let her husband manic looming to rest.