About conquer

If Mr Mountain terrain for alliance favorable, the total this is fair to conquer, so symmetrical a map. I wonder, tribal whether all the hunger (Mr Hill on a woman always arms blunt), to conquer all like % ^- Several people shouted at the plane started. And two or three people in the ore is open. And then I go to the wharf, I have been determined wharf is worth more than a plane. This is probably the general idea alliance, because I saw alliance at least two teams of people gathered to the pier, count me in on this side of the tribe to five, and a milk to all have no. Finally be biu death is shot dead by kitchen knife chop down dead be control to death in short is put out.

When we wharf fold ji, the plane there over the voice sounded. So immediately someone says “speed airborne”. So a large group of people in the United States, 101 t for example, into the league courtyard, and then a few people like ants move general began to take bomb blast door (more people looking in the league is a few scattered in the resurrection of home league experience to the slaughter of pleasant sensation)

At that time, 90% of the situation is workshop wharf blue, the plane red, two ore side a. The plane became tribal only hope, then dropped all army, when a group of people gathered spectacular dropped into a league of their hometown, etc in the next with 2.16 million blood mechanical items. Early has dropped in the league in the home of the graveyard, so we watched the 2.16 million blood items such as mechanical undeniable monument standing at the door in general cemetery.

I just don’t understand, tribal fighting capacity than union not weak where to go, why in workshop nearly group war hasn’t won. And almost every time is in the scuffle was opened the flag of the workshop, so many people in the middle melee, incredibly, no attention to the league in stealing flag! Anyway I when the undercover a week a workshop to the tribe was responsible in number may win is 0. And I have to take an airplane beginning, every time is at least a team to the plane, but in the plane was then found to not interested at the alliance! Every time a team to the plane, but found the plane a union were not, in the mind a dark side of this is too easy side win the plane. So where are all the league? The pier was sent to the graveyard tribal early……. Knife at the car really fast, knocked out at 3%, and no one HuiMen is broken. The plane dropped Fried door, much faster than the sword car. But the fact is almost no tribe will go to dock, or is only to a few people, all by alliance for the kill. I play alliance, basically at least two team will go to terminal, the plane never the, the rest of the workshop.

In short, Mr Hill and conquer like I feel like in the league, league is always win, tribal always lose. And tribal lose not because not fighting capacity, it is because a fly with no head run around. The chat box of tribal is abusive, a battle to a few people can from beginning to the end of the spray. People are random battlefield play is not easy, and so can endure. I play in the league, almost few people to spray, but said the speed to lose a lot. A look at symptom right immediately said speed to lose. Tribe’s side, I have never seen a speed lose, mostly to hold out until the last, this alliance stronger than too much.

Gilneas: tribe seems to have a special liking to the lighthouse. A lot of time to see somebody else says “the opening of the first team to MF, home leave a, others DT”. And the league side usually DT only one keep, and three or four people easily cut off DT garrison, sneak. This time the troops are all big league was dragged at MF. Because the alliance in MF than we, so then often MF will be alliance take away. But this time also by horde win basically DT, so 2-1 began to rise. From MF defense DT need are a big circle around, the alliance to defend to DT MF when there is tribe has already been scheduled to get ready to battle. This time the league average MF (the main stream of the back to DT, at this time the home several left-behind tribe will steal MF. In short, the tribe keep resources advantage.

Jill is nice I played a tribe of the highest winning percentage battlefield, feel the tribe has a stable of dozen, three or four people start to blunt DT, basic it is to win. As I have to the undercover exclamation why in this battle alliance can be so stupid.

Besides, this is also the least PenZi battlefield. Chat box clean, very comfortable.