The level of difficulty purgatory monster with chapters ascension

The blue posted before mentioned purgatory of all the monster difficulty level are the same, regardless of the chapter, and the monster is a tough violence. But Bashiok in the latest blue stick that now in the monster difficulty purgatory also had levels of distinguish, first, two chapters 3 and 4 chapters compared it to a simple.

When the truth is revealed mysterious!!!! The difficulty of the creep level under purgatory is not as publicity of so whole before, cause difficulty chapters are similar.

Creep level will now as the game further and more and more high (similar to other difficult set), this is our difficulty purgatory tested repeatedly come to the conclusion. Yes, our original plan is a purgatory difficulty is the same difficulty everywhere, you can freely choose a place began to farm, hit the things about. No monster of a region than in other areas of the stronger. But as the depth of the test, the set began to emerge all sorts of problems:

1, this set will give players a strange feeling, from beginning to end all levels really wrong as monsters, how I hit the last of the big fiend and began to eat the body zombie is a feeling!

2, players of different level, we need to give each of them can in purgatory of difficulty based on chance. Although anyone can adapt to hell-the great difficulty in purgatory. But for those who “normal human players” we decided to provide them with a low threshold. Such a strong player perhaps can quickly quashed the first act, but there are DiErSanSi waiting to abuse them. At the same time normal human players can also get in the first act a little dream as victory, to give their confidence and courage to challenge the back of the chapter.

3, considering the life span of the game, we know that players need a goal, go for struggle continuously to work on. Then we put the third of four purgatory got very, very abnormal condition of difficulties. Only the most elite players will be able to fight with one. If the purgatory of each chapter got so difficult… Felt wrong.

Now you may want to say: “say good let us to just pick a place like to be able to open brush, and don’t have to limit by chapter? Now we only the third of four that brush, and the other half?” We indeed to the third of four better drop, but the former two ACTS for the fall is not sent a lot. In in diablo 2 we have done this, believe that diablo 3 can also.

For example, players in in diablo 2 brush brush brush baal all kinds of skin model peasant brush, because the game random drop mechanism. Although in theory the best drop exist in later chapters, but better luck of words, the preceding chapter for the fall will be also very to force. We in the test found that, in the habit of abnormal condition after difficulty purgatory, players will be happy to brush the hell of three or four act, because there is low and the difficulty for random mechanism, also have a few good equipment of possibilities. So we concluded that can survive in hell of three or four players, should also be willing to brush to brush the purgatory of just a little, because there are certain may produce than yourself better equipment.