Blizzard games blue and white machines for sale


Blizzard official websitenews. Obviously, the news than North America blizzard news to come early, we successively in simplified’s website and the traditional online to see the news. As for him with blizzard of the headquarters of the “green series” and those online games have what contact is we don’t know of things. Anyway, this news is about to be released a new blizzard FC host: blue white machine. The name comes from the natural is classic the popular video game FC name: the red and white machines. So, when I saw the release of those small game blizzard and related news, I first time in exclaimed: blizzard this was just a hype FC game ah, you see these pixelated picture is not authentic FC game? It’s just with the Chinese article “blizzard blue white machine” completely, yes, you play so many games, there must be platform movement? That’s right, operation platform is our new host: blue white machine, everybody quickly to order!

South Korea blizzard of news, said South Korea blizzard each year is April fool’s day seems to give force will show a sharp topic. (remember the last year with Moore the cow level?). South Korea this year announced that they will release blizzard of edition of set limit to diablo 3 kitchen knife suit: my grandmother. The origin of The name, The natural because a unique weapon: The Grandfather (The Grandfather). More exotic, they also said that as long as you purchase the collector’s edition of “grandmother” kitchen knife set, they will give you a game in the legend weapon “grandmother” level. And the fantastic posted in the game of attribute screenshots (unfortunately Korean don’t understand), and, finally, they let already in the game out of print XuanBi craftsmen of the model, offering out the first such “legend level weapon”, let this April fool’s day feeling rise to the top. Ha ha, have to say, South Korea blizzard or so to force it.

Grand opera, it is the horn of Kane made especially for 2012 April fool’s day special: Kane turntable. Well, here include a new game mode, independent of normal mode and outside experts model, this model is called Kane turntable. And, this mode of the game will finally has a fantastic new career: bet on the life! Our project includes the introduction of the new model in this mode, and upgrade will produce the magical random vocational skills of random effects, and, of course, the more the fate of active skills and passive skill. We even give any official manual to try to set and confirm the authenticity of the set, if you don’t want to go to the official view material of interested. How, very interesting it, and hope that the project can the horn of Kane fun, that we will achieve a goal