Difficulty and loot chapters will not affect species

A few days ago, blue > > post mentioned the difficulty level of purgatory monster with chapters ascend, then sure will have players with the difficulty of curve and to the loot problem. Bashiok explanation says, the entire game with difficulty or section dropped limit didn’t matter. You can be in the most simple difficulty to get the best of things, and you may also get the highest difficulty to the garbage things. These are the probability of the decision, of course, the hard to produce good things than low probability of difficulty is much higher.

Item drops were not section, Boss or other similar things is restricting, in purgatory of 4 dropped things can also in the first screen even hell difficulty levels drop.

Our loot principle is: you break a pot could get the best in the game, everything is just probability problem. To more advanced place, kill more advanced monster is not necessarily the most effective way for equipment.

Now purgatory difficulty, the initial level for monster level 61 and rising rapidly, in the fourth act to level 65 or so (?) Globe. We just increase the difficulty.

I’ve noticed that internal bet “a man to a few months to through the purgatory.”

The only constant creep level at the start of purgatory a difficulty curve, then you feel no need to forward, there are only boring.

Boring not completely from the content repetition, and at the same time from too much difficulty or low.

I know you desperate to enter purgatory difficulty, but then if to have to back to hell difficulty word can not sad.