Ross Harrison and the Secret Academy

Eleven year-old Ross can’t stand life on the Dominion homeworld of Tarsonis. Sure, the capital of terran

civilization offers plenty to do, but Ross’s adoptive parents are terrible, terrible people. His “mother”

is a staunch disciplinarian who makes him eat, sleep, and go to school in the bathroom and complete 5-mile

forced marches while carrying his fat brother in a backpack. And his “father” is an insufferable despot and

the reigning All-Districts Hate Crimes champion.

But one day, Ross receives a private holo-vid invitation. It says that he’s special, and offers him a

scholarship to study at the secret military academy of the Emperor’s Legion, the elite retinue of terran

special operatives that his parents—his REAL parents—once served with. When he accepts, Ross’s whole life


Ross’s natural greatness sets him on the fast-track at the Legion military academy. Despite being an

emotionally perplexed creature with an underdeveloped sense of self-control and no real life experience, he’s

put in charge of the famous Fourth Squad that his dad used to lead. And not a moment too soon.

When all of the Legion’s officers and their husbands and wives decide to go on an irresponsible extended

holiday, the nightmarish alien zerg descend on Tarsonis in droves. Ross is the only soldier in the entire

Dominion military with enough bravado and drive to save the planet from annihilation!

We’re also working on a new collection of short stories to answer one of the questions we’re most often

asked about our more famous heroes and villains—“But what were they like in their early years?” Discover

the turbulent adolescence of popular faces like 13-galactic-cycles-old Zeratul as he struggles with his

budding psionic powers, or join young Garrosh Hellscream as he deals with an absentee father and natural

disasters on a planetary scale.