For more rely on stealth skills sharp specialization, the first layer talent deceit is undoubtedly the best choice, in the face of a wide range of first AOE will not break stealth, free of small sized photograph dance, from the first skill to 3 seconds can even card the GCD with four skills, establish predominance.
Tier 2 talent is torn, throwing interrupt and stability effectively weakening of a rival 50% damage is very good choice, but isn’t for a heap of toughening thief, fragile plate is our biggest weakness, choose to prepare ready here, in the melee fighting with a kitchen knife, in front of the soldiers and hunters broke out more, we can save a little disadvantage, and stacked five layer shield wall BUFF of thieves, have treatment in melee, even better than the roof in front play harder damage DK and soldier, of course, the premise is you’d better have a lot of experience to predict the opponent’s next assisted target is you.
Layer 3 talents choose to feign death, in the blood poison is more and more tend to single brush, feint can’t in our energy is in short supply in controlled circumstances, thieves of players in the increasingly demanding fault-tolerant rate is more and more low, about 1 1/2 a possum is not so bad. Although sometimes we will die in feign death out of 3 seconds. All right.
Tier 4 talent is controversial, choose here to, to a higher rate of fault tolerance, double cloak have wonders whether offensive defense, two is the last opportunity, leading in some cases, the difference of the last 1 second interrupt flag open maybe difference is that a few yards, in my opinion, shadow step is great, but in the battlefield, more extensive adaptability than to momentum. As for speed, I can only say that blizzard 60 can amount to 50 energy do you think I can kill more than 10 energy is… Can’t deny it, of course, in some scene of advantage, but is still the problem of adaptability.
Tier 5 talent selection of most people should be evil counsel, there may be some with melee thieves will choose bullying talent, but I really have not seen, that is a 3 DPS play JJC gift of choice. Poison paralyzed, in most cases with tow people in vein silver crumbs, actual combat role slants small, mainly is that 20% chance too insecure, even 4 piece set S slow poison will break.
Layer 6 talent dart throwing is most people’s choice, maybe there are a few like the thief will choose a hunch to duel, as for generalists, I don’t want to evaluate its status in PVP.