Diablo 3 Noobie Guides

This page here will cover all of the noobie guides for Diablo 3. Since we’re all still very new to the game pretty much everyone will find this page to be beneficial to read. You’ll find the most basic of basic guides on this page; guides that go over the different aspects of the game and put them into words everyone will understand. If you have any questions about how something works in Diablo 3, this page should without a doubt give you a guide to clear those questions up for you.
Diablo 3 was released on May 15th of 2012 after almost a decade of not seeing a new Diablo game it was welcomed with open arms. There are 5 classes available for play in Diablo 3; a Barbarian which is a Warrior type class, much like the Barbarian in Diablo 2. A Monk, which is a Healing type class with mantras and powerful holy attacks at their disposal, similar to a Paladin in Diablo 2. A Demon Hunter, which is a hunter type, relying heavily on ranged weapons and traps to defeat their foes. Demon Hunters are much like an Amazon mixed with an Assassin from Diablo 2.
Then there are Witch Doctor’s which conjure up powerful undead foes to fight with them and use spells and other magical abilities to fight. Witch Doctors are much like Necromancers from Diablo 2. The final class available for play is a Wizard which is a powerful spellcaster, much like the Sorceress in Diablo 2. If you are a huge fan of Diablo 2 and are picking up Diablo 3 there is your class comparison so you can figure out what you want to play!
Below is a list of some noobie guides that will help get you started with Diablo 3. The information here is all extremely basic and is made specifically for new players, veterans probably won’t find this information that useful.

It doesn’t seem like much but those guides will get you started with Diablo 3 and ready to run around fight the minions of hell and own Diablo in the face! Remember Diablo 3 is a very straight forward game and there isn’t that much you need actual large guides on in the first place. By the time you finish Act 1 you will have a great understanding of the game and a little bit of understanding of the Follower system they’re using as you will gain the Templar follower 3/4 of the way through Act 1.
By the end of Act 1 the only thing that doesn’t become blatantly clear is the Runestone system which is ok since it is a system there for more experienced and higher level players anyway. It will all come to you as you level up, trust me! That brings me to one of the final things I want to say here as I hope many people read this page before they start playing Diablo 3… NEVER EVER ever ever buy a Diablo 3 Leveling Guide. I can’t tell you how many of them I have already seen that are completely fake and scams. Also you don’t need a leveling guide for Diablo 3, it would be like buying a leveling guide for Skyrim if you bought one for Diablo 3.
Anyway, that’s all I can think of that needs to be said for this page. To close I am going to give you an F.A.Q for Diablo 3 which will answer any of those beginner questions you have for the game, hopefully clearing the air for of the more basic questions that you have. Remember; good luck, have fun and let’s own Diablo together one day!