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We would like to take Barbarian and Monk Weapons for example.

Barbarian weapon choices
The Diablo 3 Barbarian Builds now are almost all Running Damage, which relies on Sprint and Whirlwind skills. The high damage output are hand in hand with the Each Hit Adds Life. This weapon has Each Hit Adds +808 Life, Critical Hit Damage Increased by 52%, which made it a good choice for Barbarian. What’s more, Rare Mace belongs to Hammer category can trigger the passive attributes to increase 10% Critical Hit Chance. And it only cost you $ 26. According to the gold price in our store now 10000K Gold=12.99 USD, it only cost you 20000K.This is much cheaper than the items in the auction house. As soon as your payment is confirmed, this Rare Mace can be sent to you immediately.
Compared with the previous one, this Rare Mace is much higher. The DPS is not so much different. But if you have a close examination and you will find that the overall damage and other attributes is much higher than the previous Mace because the Life on Hit between 500 and 800 can be made up through keyboard familiarity and position picking. When you enter the Inferno Act 3, and you will find that 30K Health potion Barbarian can not survive. So choose the vitality is the guarantee to survive. And this Mace will cost you $ 59, which is 46000K Diablo 3 Gold.
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