Diablo 3 civilians hunting magic people skills collocation

The difficulty problem I have personal challenges MP4. Feeling can still, some may say no efficiency. But I think I play MP4, the first value is to oneself of the challenge, the second is think a period of MP off treasure rate will be a few taller. Because I don’t wear MF equipment to Diablo 3 Gold single brush. So completely rely on MP and difficulty of the five layers of BUFF. BOSS war, more afraid of is back injury + member + remote shooting the. As for other blame is to say. But brush so a few days to see, MP3 is suitable for yourself. The advantage is playing up not trouble soon. Defect is 5 layer BUFF really what also not out. Second: I also want to say key. Skills collocation. Our equipment is not good, our paw is disabled. In the face of such situation, how do we choose to suit your own play style. My choice is very simple, kite flow.

Fixed jaw sting (stuck) spike trap (serial detonate) shadow force (blood months force) turrets (first-aid station) left key skills: tie hammer bomb (fierce blasting) right skills: Diablo 3 Items ready (field healing) perfectionist fencing specialization instrument adjusting. You can see in fact my skills do not belong to the outbreak of output stream. Basic belong to play war of attrition. The reason for the choice of this is: the first equipment is bad, dozen don’t what’s high DPS. Now is not 1.04 salt and pepper trace weakened, and other reduced injury weaken.I think station lu as before. The second: difficulty increase later, monster is seconds out. If the 1.04 with steps seconds a strange or easy. The individual feels 1.05 want to seconds strange or have some Diablo 3 Gold.
First of all: fixed jaw thorn stuck by using and the choice of runes. At present I rarely see DH use this skill. I chose this skill is a reason. First I go a is not very good fixed jaw thorn reduction trap, can be more or less make up some I walk a defect. The second rune choice, may choose the belt damage rune. But I have no choice. The body cannot set effect, I believe that I will hit higher DPS, because the monster fixed body I can fit my spike trap.

I suppose the trap is serial detonate rune. That is can be Fried three times, each time all is 270% damage, three times is 270% X3 damage personal feel very optimistic. It also bring out spike trap rune choice, some may choose a put three trap D3 Gold rune. But though this feeling once again put quantity, but the actual cause of damage probably only a trap bai monster stepped on, at the same time a put three trap to hate is also a great consumption. Fixed jaw thorn fixed body + spike trap serial detonate hit damage MP3 difficulty can blame seconds.

Shadow force I choose is blood on the force, choose the reason is very simple. I have no curvet, so really when monster control, I’d like to the shortest time treatment recovery increased to maximize. You can calculate itself 270% + under the left key attack skills restore health. I 4 w7 around the blood, in half blood cases trap explosion a restore full almost.
Turret and first-aid station choice, I think I’m using battery is a complete DPS and life endurance. Feel 1% per second is slow, but the real use feeling than 10% better reduce injury. Reduce injury is still off blood, but the recovery of per second, is a continuous accumulation. Compare their dispute is also paradoxically left key skills choice: D3 Items tie hammer bomb. Have to admit. 1.05 this ability is enhanced. But it’s a second delay blasting, indeed make a person very worried, attack rate is too low. Will the hatred with recovery? At the same time, skill enhancement is equivalent to the left key AOE skill, and how to give up. See you choose. Find the suitable for such a skill rhythm. Right-click skills nothing said, completely is life.