Diablo 3 monster strength system are introduced in detail

Monster strength for Diablo III players brought according to different “strength grade” to promote monster life value and damage of options, in return, they will obtain the corresponding Diablo 3 Gold adventure bonuses (including experience value, higher found magic items and Gold probability) and more drop!

Adjust monster strength options to all levels of players and opening up, through the task selection window to use, but also could separately to normal, nightmare, and hell difficulty and condemned to adjust. Below we will be explained the system how to work.
“The monster strength” is off by default, so when you begin to adjust before, you first need to start the system. Open the game options menu, click options (Option) button, and then click on the game (Gameplay) label. You will be in the right of the screen to see “start Diablo 3 Items Monster strength choice” (Enable Monster Power Selection) options dialog box, and then click applications (Accept).
Once open later, setting monster strength options will appear in the task of the difficulty of the choice of the window below beside a drop-down menu. You can from the monster strength grade 1 (MP1) begin to choose until 10 level (MP10), or you can choose to not monster intensity (the default setting) in the selected difficulty down for “ordinary” challenge level of the game. Monster strength can be used in different roles and difficulty adjusting, and can at any time in the task options in the interface to change.
In 1.0.5 official on-line later, monster strength system will be in single and private online mode can be used. Whenever you add to a private on-line game, your hero will temporarily matching to captain set D3 Gold monster strength grade, in you leave after the team will return to the level before set.

Purgatory difficulty, in addition to increasing experience, MF and GF reward, but whenever a monster death and normal drop a items (whether gold, potions or equipment), this monster and chance to drop an additional items, this chance with the MP level stack. For those who want to participate in purgatory device event of players, each stage strength can increase 10% of key defender drop keys and demon organ probability, MP10 will reach 100%.

In purgatory difficulty, when the monster strength more than 1 in every scene of the monster will ascend to 63 level and enjoy the same senior item drop rate. That is no matter you in which chapters, monsters have the same probability fall 61-63 items, including forging formula, legendary items and set items. The changes make Items affix generation based on monster level rather than D3 Items item level, in purgatory difficult MP1 or above, all Items are likely level 63 affix.