Many players are confused Diablo 3 online games

I believe that many players are confused about Diablo 3 online games . Diablo 3 is a stand-alone or online games? We believe that everyone reading this article will have a new understanding about Diablo 3 .In fact, Diablo 3 is not a stand-alone game, from the May 15 sale instructions Diablo 3 is between the range of online games and stand-alone service station U.S. service, so that it in fact is an online game.Diablo 3 Gold offline mode, you want to enter the game must be networked, single-player campaign must also be networked, Diablo 3 must have pass before they can play this game, the game must be connected to the Blizzard server, stand-alone, nor support other platform combat.

Diablo 3 is a role-playing action game, there are five different roles in the game, players can choose like barbarians, Master, etc., each has its own characteristics, they have they have specific skills, each skill is not the same. Various game settings can be set with a very mysterious background story and story, there are challenges BOSS fun, fun and powerful game to enjoy the accumulated experience and skills to make you a hero.

Diablo 3 game takes place in a magical world of the sacred temple said, in this world, ordinary people do not know, 30 years ago, a group of powerful heroes to save the sacred Temple. Some of them survived, but have been delirious most of the soldiers buried this memory, I hope you can get rid of the fear, then Diablo 3 will soon return to the Temple, that players had better be a good grasp of the battle to obtain the victory.How to Diablo 3 stand-alone or online with a new understanding of it! If you want to play the game or need networking online does not support offline mode, so we say Diablo 3 Gold or a network game!