Diablo 3 prevent flow hunting magic satellite tower plan experience

Guard post not crit so this scheme is not suitable for high crit damage player, you can improve crit damage and through the spike trap as the main output. In addition a strange place, is guard tower can’t seem to trigger hit Diablo 3 Gold h. Because they will not cause injury to the user against, so compared with other plan is suitable for dealing with back injury attribute elite monster. Of course, please remember, PTR server at any time there may be some changes.

Passive skills

Ballistic repair mortar: this position can be replaced with other skills, but I chose this to increase anger inflammation arrow tower rune damage. If you can effectively slow the enemy, then apparent gruffness is right choice. I didn’t choose archery specialization is because I use one hand crossbows, but who can’t whistle crit all crit ascension has no meaning. Of course, you can also choose to replace into perfectionist such defensive passive skill.

Instrument adjusting: scheme core. So you can decorate three guard tower and six spike trap. This is also the main source of damage output. Brood: because Diablo 3 Items equipment problems this is my personal choice. In addition to using this and wild boar fight outside or I have no other means of reply. I haven’t strike back and seems to guard tower can trigger strike back.

Skill runes

Tie hammer bomb – thunderball: this ability has a good because the AoE damage effect and monomer. Rune itself is very high probability that the primary target syncope, make D3 Gold kite up more easily. You can use in addition to grenade outside of any generation skills, “tie shadow play – serial lock” is my second recommended skills.

Spike trap – multiple trap: cooperate with mechanical adjusting, the rune can let you click twice will place all six trap. This makes kites and arrangement trap more easy, they can also be used to trap all nearby enemies caused a lot of AoE damage. Prance – serial roll: this rune is a personal choice, I also like the airspring qiao skills can help you quickly escape from the crisis. If you want more defense ability or other damage output can consider to replace (depending on individual play).

Guard post – anger inflammation arrow tower: this is all FuWenZhong the highest damage. Fit ballistic repair mortar, damage ability quite well. The latest PTR central defender picket damage is 175% weapon damage, and missile is 30% weapon damage. Three D3 Items guard towers Items per second, you do not take the initiative to attack, about 660% weapon damage output. As long as you can fit the output word, guard tower will be a period of time significantly increased within your output.