The monster strength 10 level is suitable for challenging players

Ever since Blizzard announced the 1.0.5 patch new monster strength system in Diablo 3, I am its impact in the late game, and 60 roles very interested. But I’m curious how it works in the process of leveling system. PTR can access and stable, I will as soon as possible to try about 60 of my role is to bring some mf test equipment in one of the monster strength, but also to create a new role, and tried to update level under the monster strength 10 level. I feel really great, this article is for everyone to talk about why so cool.

I do not know why I was so interested, like most of the players, most of my time in the non-expert role to play Diablo 3, That I built a career role, but will not re go Reroll. My hero list include 60 Mage, Manzi also demon hunter, monk and witch doctor I got more than 50 stage stopped hand. I also have the role of an expert, is a 45 Demon Hunter V1.04 before, I did not touch her, and, 45 in fact, it is equivalent to 15, as we all know, to 60 The game began in earnest.

If you are concerned about a late game items, then the answer is yes, at least we view the forum topic, so feedback from this site, Battle views.But it is not just this.You can enjoy the fun of the game, through the pursuit of a different experience plus point, the role of experts, the pursuit of the achievement degree of completion. You can even enjoy weight training role, try different skills to deal with the more simple and more monsters, to experience a different version, or a plus point to practice personal matter to see which geeks are standing before leveling process the stumbling block.

Now you weight training under monsters intensity 10 roles, all enemies of the value of life will greatly increase, all of which makes the role of weight training adventure more interesting. At least I think so.