The Diablo 3 MF worth

Recent see combat MF equipment is so favorable prices soaring. Has been started to collect from an early battle MF loaded Manzi’s point of view, to talk about the choice of equipment, as well as the role of fighting MF. As for the temporary facelift, not on the table. Blizzard on the temporary change mf loaded to start still unknown D3 Gold, No matter the bz how do temporary facelift greatly reduced fluency and facelift risk coefficient is relatively large for melee.

For newcomers, enhance the effect of the MF value less than enhance combat capability. Pursuit of the MF values should have some basic equipment after re-start. Fighting MF installed recent prices, the blind pursuit of new MF will only let you know what to do.

MF value acquisition, in addition to a fixed Chennai non-day buff only through equipment or hat gem, or the temporary two minutes shrine buff Diablo 3 Gold. Necklace highest value is 40, the other equipment are 18-20 points the MF. Upgrading of equipment everyone will see how with equipment own hobbies and financial resources may be, do not want to go here. But many people have forgotten that or followers. No matter which you bring followers, followers who value the MF, turn back to the players who will be 20 percent. That is, if you do not need followers provide DPS, let your followers to wear body MF equipment, to find a 40mf necklace, give him two 18mf Ring, a witch or Knight can be equipped with mf Sun Shou Ji legendary hammer, if Knight can side 20% mf shield, so that your panel will be more about the mf 15-25, equivalent to an equipment upgrade Diablo 3 Gold, and investment is very small. (Together, followers IQ, except that the sister would sell Meng They also can not provide practical help outside the buff, so it provides the buff and mf values, I think it is a better choice)

In addition, someone asked, the followers kneeling MF value. Here, even if your followers knelt, he MF has always been there, unless you replace him, or let him return to the main city.