Third-generation Intel Core gaming notebook Diablo 3 run measured

This year, Intel announced the third generation Core, processor released, equipped with this new 22-nanometer process chips gaming notebook is the name of the long standby, excellent game performance Core Graphics and WIDI wireless HD video technology features to mobile gaming artifact itself Diablo 3 Gold. Before we have been through of DOTA2 and the World of Warcraft their game performance and power was fully tested, whether the destruction of God 3 has the same excellent performance then Diablo Blizzard latest products and uses a new graphics engine? This came to reveal the answer for everyone.

I believe that a lot of players have experienced Diablo 3, struggling and still in purgatory mode purgatory difficulty not only monster attributes improved more than the number of units and a major point of the player’s skills are also hampered. Of course, this is not just technically Kaoyan players fault rate is lower due to the game, making purgatory mode PC configuration requirements become more demanding. This article, we will commence for several large-scale scenes Diablo 3 purgatory mode test, take a look at the actual performance of the third-generation Intel Core gaming notebook.

Test Scenario 1: Lies Belial lies the king of Belial is the second act the final BOSS, his ultimate skills the fullscreen blasting blocking the pace of progress of countless players, dense minefields slightest mistake will make the player The roles were killed. I believe a lot of players here have a profound memories Diablo 3 Gold, sometimes not bare because of technical problems, the machine configuration is not enough instant Caton, will make you the efforts of the first two phases of the BOSS station all in vain from scratch.

Through the use of third-generation Intel Core processor gaming notebook to test the performance of the whole the BOSS course of the fighting in the game frame rate is always maintained at 60 up and down, did not appear Caton and a substantial drop frame. Shows that the third generation of Intel Core processors in gaming performance over the previous generation, but has been greatly enhanced. In addition, we note that Even Diablo 3 dark tones based game, the third-generation Intel Core processors can still be part of the processing of the screen in bright lighting is very bright and delicate.

Ards Modan. Ards Modan, the evil king of the test scenarios is the third act of the ultimate BOSS, is also recognized as the bus BOSS, less difficult, so fast and efficient repeatedly to kill it to obtain equipment, The players consider things. The scene read speed and fluency of the screen related to the players Can efficient FARM. Pass the test, the third-generation Intel Core processor gaming notebook still play a stable performance in the BOSS the Blackwater skills when can also guarantee players safely use the skills detachment.

The test scenarios Lord of Destruction Diablo.Diablo Diablo 3 end off the end boss players to do here is alone to face it and hit to kill it. The full Order of the addition to the BOSS gorgeous the bone firmly fireball skills, the biggest difficulty is that players in here to challenge your own mirror. Equipment, the stronger players will be higher the difficulty, so Battle mirror must seize the initiative and use skills earlier than mirroring, in order to defeat the enemy. Here we look at the use of the third-generation Intel Core processors ability to calmly deal with Diablo 3 Gold. The successfully tested Xiaobian using third generation Intel Core gaming notebook calm surface destroyed the mirror and hit to kill Diablo and obtain a reign of terror clearance achievement.

Summary: After a simple targeted actual running test, we can once again about lifting effect on the third-generation Intel Core processor gaming performance. The Core Graphics HD4000 exhibit very good gaming performance from beyond entry-level graphics c
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