Talk about diablo 3 weapons and equipment valuation learn attribute

Because of the Diablo iii open market, making equipment Diablo 3 Gold price entirely by demand influence, not a price standard value. But, we can through the professional and market understanding, the first identify a piece of equipment price interval and gourmet degree, next, we will give you a detailed popularization in diablo iii equipment appraisal way.

First of all, every time we play to a piece of equipment, to see if it belongs to which part, because every parts of the equipment random properties are different, so we can also through this characteristic to allocate our hero needs attribute, let’s analyze each place equipment hot property.

Don: we also is a weapon base DPS comparable to the judgment is a equipment of a levels, at present the fine one-handed weapon judgment principle is “more than 800, more than 1000 acura one-handed weapon; Two-handed weapons “1300-1500 is relatively good;

Insert hole and crit damage: insert hole meaning lies in the can give Diablo 3 Items on weapons is a critical strike damage gem, and critical strike damage because of mass ascension DPS, is a good weapon judgment standard. So if there is no this two word, can say basically is not the mainstream of the need for weapons. What’s more, can sacrifice a lot of boxed DPS, exchange for high (190% – 200%) of the crit damage, so as to enhance the overall DPS (haematemesis flow witch doctor, etc is not within the scope of discussion).

Hit reply: hit recovery is widely used in all kinds of professional build a core attributes, which are mainly applied in the barbarian, monk, and push XiongLiu witch doctor and build, if a weapon with high hit reply (800 and above), so its value will greatly improve.

The main properties and physical: icing on the cake properties, but without the above these main attribute, only have high main properties and physical fitness is sell out high.

Here the main introduction is the mainstream weapons value judgment, so can say that a boxed not outstanding, missed the recovery and crit damage D3 Gold weapons, is the basic will not become a high DPS weapons.