Diablo 3 1.0.8 Farming Routes

This week our Community Commentary is all about farming routes. We’ve highlighted some player-created routes before in this series, but with the changes to monster density in 1.0.8, many of those previously-popular spots have been replaced or updated to accommodate all new EXP running around in Acts I, II, and IV.

Which brings us to this week’s shout-out!
Over on our official Hardcore forum, huanAK has posted a insightful thread called “Top 3 farming routes,” highlighting three different routes in three different Acts. Of course, no farming guide would be complete without a little data, so in addition to identifying each route’s physical path, huanAK also calls out experience per hour, experience per kill, kills per minute, as well as some more high-level pros and cons. (If you’ve been keeping track of data to help you figure out the best farming route, then this might be a great thread to share those findings in.)
Source: Diablowiki.net
So, did you find any of the routes huanAK mentions surprising or helpful? Do you have a farming route that you’d like to share, or have questions about a possible route? Leave a comment below, or head over to the Diablo III forums to talk about it with your fellow Nephalem in this thread!