Diablo III PAX 2013 Hands On

The barbarian movements are slow, but the blows are strong and devastating. Every

skill works just like in the original version, based on anger and / or magic to run

and wait seconds for reuse or choose another. What I noticed is that it is a little

more difficult to get records destroyed objects or enemies killed, and this is

because the responsiveness of the mouse and keyboard with your fingers over the

numbers (skills) and ready to press several times second never is the same.

Diablo III was adapted to a console and this version obviously had to undergo

changes. The skills are divided between control buttons: triangle, square, circle and

X, and R1, R2, L1, L2. Each button is a different skill, while the left analog is

used to move the character and the right for a move to avoid a blow defense and

rolling forward, back or sides. Yes, this command and action is new to version

comparison PC / MAC. To give you an idea of how it works, is something like the

movement of an action game in the third person. Obviously, this action is an

advantage for the player, especially when there are too many enemies around and a

relief (for cowards) to flee and be killed.

It’s a bit strange for me to write in a Blizzard game for a console, because the last

time I played one was still a student. On 20 February, during the event of

Playstation 4, Blizzard announced their return to home consoles with a version of

Diablo III for PS3. In Pax East 2013 was the debut of this game and the first time

I’d play that version. Here are my impressions.

In the demo only two classes were available for testing: Barbarian Demon Hunter. The

first I chose was the barbarian, but the reality is that neither one is my favorite

since my epic journey of Diablo III’s Monk got a call “Elemiah”. Well, the first

thing I noticed right away is that the menu screen is equal to the PC version, but

graphically is far from it.

The most important button is “select”. Pressing this menu entered the character’s

skills and the option to modify it with the items that are collected from each enemy

(the famous “loot”). Speaking of this action, the X command is the one to pick up

things from the floor and interaction for conversations with the characters as well

as open boxes and others. Something that surprises me is the accessory information is

not as complete as in the PC version. In fact, the pad works for the map (pad down)

and quickly equips accessories (pad above). To know how an item is better than we

bring on, just look at the small triangle-shaped symbols in each of the areas: life,

weapons and protection. That is, next to each area are displayed in green or red

which indicates whether it is better or not.

How do you replace the mouse to select enemies at a checkpoint? To mark an enemy and

run direct attacks against them (sometimes there are many attacking at the same time

but one is the most important), you have to leave all the time down L2 until you kill


Basically, this is how the controls work in Diablo III on the PS3. Now let’s talk

about the game. Overall, Diablo III feels and plays well. My impression is that it

seems like a game more accessible and easy comparison of the PC version (of course,

you have to know how to handle the skills of each character and class). I played it

in normal mode and it felt easy, but the character movement, camera settings,

enemies, artificial intelligence and other elements make it feel a nice game that can

captivate new players.

Then it was my turn with the Demon Hunter. It’s a character agile, fast and enjoyed

more playing with it. Although I cannot create me a final verdict for the moment, as

the first approach with this version was a 15 minute demo, but clearly can somehow be

a more engaging experience for many. What I mean is that it is a very fun game but

I’m not too late, by now, has been almost a year (May) since its launch the game and

do not know how long it takes to reach the final.

We do not know if you will have an auction house in this version (unless you

implement more gold in the game) and we do not know whether it will be launched with

the option of PvP (we are still waiting on PC). What I can assure is that the game is

quite fun, very different from the PC version but I think Blizzard has managed to

create a system of adequate controls and solid gameplay for the console audience.

However, something that was very evident (although I understand that is a preliminary

version), is that the demo was far from being graphically good, but there are other

issues which concern me. And, the frame rate is the greatest challenge Blizzard with

this game because of all the times I played the demo failed terribly.

I know I cannot expect the PS3 performance is equal to that of a PC, but with only

face 10 enemies in a pitched battle the game suffered a lot. It was also evident the

famous screen tearing during the simplest moments of exploration, so Blizzard has

much technical work ahead once the game launches on Sony’s platform.