Diablo 3 Item Anger Gore

As far as I know this is the current best weapon in the world for all the Tempest

Rush loving Monks out there. The damage is far superior to any Skorns. In terms of

character sheet dps you wont see much of a difference from the top Skorns, but you

will feel the difference when playing.

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For any non monks who dont know what Tempest Rush is I’ll break down some of the
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So again the damage on character sheet will be very similar, however the real damage

you do will be much better than a Skorn. The extra spirit saved from using TR will

allow you to use more large attacks like Wave of Light with less need for spirit

generating attacks. Not only that, but when looking at a TR weapon its more important

to look at the damage range, not the dps. 1382 – 1962. The top Skorns need to socket

ruby in order to reach those numbers. The difference might not seem that important,

but when you Wave of Light during the added damage of the blinding flash buff, plus

the extra damage from aura, MP10 elites drop much faster. Under most circumstances

the slight extra attack speed of a Skorn does not allow for more wave of lights

during the 3 second buff window.

TR is a channeling ability that gives a very high movement speed while channeling. It

drains 10 spirit per second multiplied by your attack speed. So at its base this mace

drains 9 spirit per second compared to 10 for Skorn. But it gets better for the mace

– All the attack speed from items you have equipped increase the cost of TR. So if

you have 32% attack speed, the mace drains 11.88 spirit per second, compared to

Skorn’s 13.2 spirit per second. This might sound insignificant if you havent tried TR

for yourself, but the extra drain on your spirit is something you will notice

immediately. The more attack speed you have the bigger the advantage is for the mace.

And its not like a WW barbarian where you can run through enemies and restore all

spirit, you have to attack or rely on items/passives for regen. If you have to stop

to attack, restarting tempest rush has an additional 15 spirit cost on start up. This

often gets overlooked when playing from theory and not experience.

Is there any way to dial back the gore in Diablo 3 gold?
There’s not a “gore” setting, per se, as this is kind of the art/style of the game.

(Well, most of it anyway…)However, I find that playing with the graphics settings

turned all the way down makes everything look a lot less… visceral. The slightly

off colors and the low-res textures make the art look more like a B-grade horror

movie than anything at all realistic. However, the cutscenes are the same quality

regardless, so be ready to skip them if they get a bit too disgusting.