diablo 3 – Farm Up To 780k Gold In Nightmare ACT 3

First, I would like to thank jack at diablo3farming for giving me this idea on how to go about this.  I want to share with everyone how I went about improving on his method.  What I wanted to do was tailor it to my Barbarian.    The first problem I ran into was that I was not as fast as a range when killing.  The second is I don’t have the AoE of a caster.  The way I went about combating this was to create a build that would use the little AoE I had, and mix that with the amazing amount of run speed a Barbarian gets from runes.  Here is the armor stats I went with.  You will notice that I used 211% gold find, almost 76% damage reduction, 13k life, 13k damage, and 13k thorns damage.   I felt this was the best build stats wise that I could afford at the time.  As time goes on I will be upgrading some pieces to perfect gold find stats.

Golf FINd Stats

The next item to my gold find recipe was my build.  The build i decided on took me 2 days to pick.  Like I said before, there was a lot that went into picking this build.  My left mouse button was taken up with Frenzy mixed with Maniac.  I picked this because I thought I would need more damage to kill names with one shot.  The right mouse button was taken up by one of the Barbarians best AoE skills Revenge with Provocation Rune. The reason I picked Provocation was because it helps make the AoE proc a lot.  This is useful when you get a large group of monsters.  On button 1 I used Furious Charge with Dreadnought Rune.  The reason behind this is to help build fury, as well as do some damage with a heal.  The healing is nice since I have such little life with this gold set on.  On button 2 I have the king of this build, Sprint with Marathon Rune.  The nice thing about Sprint with Marathon is that I can run all day as long as I’m using my fury gainers.  On button 3 I used the skill Earthquake with The Mountains Call Rune.  This combo will pretty much decimate any group of monsters that stands in front of you.  One button 4 I am using War Cry with Invigorate Rune.  This is mostly for fury gain and an additional life boost.  My three passives are Berserkers Rage for the extra damage, Unforgiving for the none degeneration of fury, and Tough As Nails for the extra Armor as well as the extra 50% to thorns damage.  This is how I was able to get 13k thorn damage.

Barbarian gold find Build

Now that you have the recipe to making this run work.  Lets see it in action.  Ive been able to complete this run in under 1 minute.  My average run time is 1 minute 30 seconds.  Each run can net me about 13k to 16k depending on what I pick up.  At the speed of 1 minute per run, I can pull in 780k an hour.  Now the average ranges from 480k to 780k per hour.  It all depends on how fast you are, and if your use to the run or not.   Practicing make this run only get better.  Even with not being max gold find I can pop out some good number.  I hope that everyone who watches this gets something they can use for there own class.