Diablo 3 Hardcore Legendary Barbarian Protatoe

Many Diablo 3 heroes will shun the Diablo 3 hardcore mode but not Protatoe, a barbarian in Diablo 3 hardcore mode who has achieved Paragon Level 100. About 2 weeks ago, DiabloIncgamers conducted an interview with the man behind Protatoe. In the exclusive interview, Protatoe shared his experience and tips in surviving Diablo 3 hardcore mode and getting the most out of it.
Contrary to what many Diablo 3 players believe, Protatoe’s journey to Paragon Level 100 in Diablo 3 hardcore did not take place in a linear fashion. Instead, Protatoe experienced some major setbacks along the way and had to start from scratch again, which was a painful experience for him. Protatoe’s experience with hardcore mode dates back to the days of Diablo 2.

He told his interviewer that he first encountered hardcode play mode when he was in middle school. He was a member of a Diablo 2 clan named PK and he had a top barbarian named PK-Pwny. His previous experience has stood him well as he did not give up his aspiration to level his Diablo 3 hero to Paragon Level 100 in Diablo 3 hardcore mode despite failing twice.

Protatoe’s first Diablo 3 hardcore mode hero is a witch doctor. Unfortunately, it was killed at Level 60 pre Paragon Level. Protatoe’s second hardcore character is a barbarian. Protatoe managed to level his hardcore barbarian to Paragon Level 98 before a router problem caused his computer to be disconnected from the Diablo 3 server, which in turn, leads to his character death in Diablo 3 hardcore mode. Protatoe admitted that he needed some time to get over the incident and start afresh. Before the interview ended, Protatoe advised player to prioritize farming efficiency over experience bonus offered by higher monster power. Certainly, he is right!