D3 New Game Director

Blizzard recently introduced a new game director, Josh Mosqueira. To celebrate his promotion he wrote a long introductuary post detailing his love of the Diablo series, numerous gaming design credits, and his plans for Diablo 3. While his past accomplishments have no bearing on the future success of Diablo 3, it is refreshing to see Blizzard giving responsibility to individuals who are actually passionate about their games (or at least pretend to be).

After finishing up with the introduction, Mosqueira goes into the meaty details concerning the future of D3. He reiterated Blizzard’s intent to make loot more meaningful, to bring the excitement back to the game. The “itemization patch” has been brought up numerous times in the past and it appears Blizzard still intends to reduce the amount of drops while enhancing their overall quality. He also mentions “targeted legendaries” which should go a long way in making each legendary item potentially viable. Furthermore he states that they plan to make the Auction House less necessary and offer armor customizations which will apparently go beyond mere cosmetics.

At the very least these potential changes show that Blizzard is not completely out of touch with their Diablo 3 fanbase. The ideas are good, but poor implementation can destroy even the greatest ideas. Blizzard has been mostly on the right track with Diablo 3 lately (sans 1.0.8 gold dupe), hopefully the upcoming “itemization patch” will be implemented appropriately and be met with positive feedback.

He finishes off with vague promises of future end game content and plans to keep the game feeling fresh. Apparently the Diablo 3 team has a few new ideas up their sleeve. It is great to plan for the future, but hopefully they will dedicate most of their resources to insuring that the new itemization’s are done right.