D3 Sleet Storm Skill Guide

Here come to our favorite part to share new and interesting skill build for diablo 3! We know, for a long time, Ice Wizard is an important character in group combat as he is good at controlling the battlefield and creating the chance for allies to cause damage. And today, I would love to share you a new skill build – Sleet Storm for Wizard, which is quite different from Ice Wizard. Enjoy and buy diablo 3 gold to experience a different game strategy!
Sleet Storm Skill Build for Wizard in Diablo 3!
Diablo 3 Old Tristram Road
1. Advantage of Sleet Storm Wizard compared with Ice Wizard. As we see that the Sleet Store Build is quite different from Ice wizard, in the Sleet Storm skill build, we focus on creating high DPS via Sleet Storm. The advantage of Sleet Storm Wizard is that he can create damage, while also can ensure CD reduction! The 364% damage match with Cold Blooded increased at 436.8% is the highest damage for Wizard, what’s more, the Safe Passage would gain you 30% damage. This build is quite great and cost-effective for Wizard newbie to get awesome diablo 3 items!

2. Equipment. Sleet Storm Wizard is for the melee players, thus, its demand of Armor and Life steal skills are lot higher than Ice Wizard! And you need 3% life steal for Weapon, and 1.5% damage converted to life for Magic Weapon. Zunimassa’s Marrow, Zunimassa’s Pox, and Zunimassa’s Trail are great to guarantee the additional 130 intelligence. And 55 all resistance would also work great!

3. Attack Speed and Elites. As for a more fierce demand, players pay more and more attention on high Attack speed, and it consume Arcane quickly. Usually, players have to set the attack speed based on their own combat situation, but the skill and attribute to reduce Elites damage is just primary to all professions, and in Diablo 3, Elites are always players’ main target to get impressive items!

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