D3 Legendary Wizard Hat Review

The Storm Crow can be an excellent piece of gear. This is is the only Wizard Hat that has Life on Hit. in addition to this, Critical Strikes Grant Arcane Power is a must have for most Wizard Builds. Other Stats that are pretty awesome are; Intelligence(90-100), Vitality(90-100), Increase Damage vs. Elites, Bonus Lightning Damage, And It Can Shoot an Epic Fire Ball! I grabbed my wizard and decided i would try this out. I went with a heavy lightning Damage Build to maximize on the natural additional lightning damage granted by this helm. So Electrocute was a clear choice. I also decided to go with a 3 Piece Tal Rasha’s Set to get the most Lightning Damage as I can.

I decided to run Act 3 Inferno MP5. This would be a good place to test the abilities granted by this helm.

My DPS didn’t show as an increase from my usual helm, but from what i can tell, Blizzard’s Damage meter doesn’t count bonus Damage from Items to Certain Spells. I do admit though, this hat is very sweet looking. My numbers did go up a bit but not enough to justify the lost Critical Hit Chance. This Hat cannot carry both a Socket and Critical Hit Chance. Something to remember when increasing your elements damage you have on your attacks would be; sometimes that bonus damage isn’t enough to justify what is lost.

This Item, as Unique as it looks, would have to have a few basic stats to make it worthwhile.

Depending on your build, your Wizard might not be able to go on without Critical Hit Chance.

In My honest opinion, you’re probably better off sticking with another head piece.