D3 Gold Tips Help

One MMO Economy to Another
If you haven’t seen my new Diablo 3 Gold Tips Site, you better check it out! Why? Because the strategies I’m currently discussing have been influenced by what I’ve learned in Wow. It stands to reason that these strategies could help you play World of Warcraft’s auction house as well as Diablo 3’s Gold and Real Money auction houses.

Let’s take five examples of articles from this new blog and discuss how they could help you to play better in Wow as well as Diablo 3.

1. Dominate the RMAH

The six strategies discussed in this post directly relate to similar strategies in World of Warcraft. All of them are rooted in core principles that apply to all MMO’s, but whose strategies I picked up from manipulating and exploiting the World of Warcraft auction house.

2. Beating Gold Farmers

Just like in Wow, there will be gold farmers in Diablo 3. Only difference being that now they are allowed! How will you defeat them in Diablo 3’s real money and gold auction houses? The same way you should be using them in Wow. There’s even a video for those who would rather listen and watch than read.

3. Cross Currency Trading

Basically, this post is all about arbitrage. Do you play the auction houses between both factions on your server? In Diablo 3 auction houses will be divided by currency, so imagine 200,000+ people on your auction house at one time. To transfer between currencies will be near impossible, but in Wow it certainly is a lot easier and more profitable. Take the idea and apply it to Wow.

4. Diablo 3 Basics

Do you understand the basics of the game you play? Do you understand all the possible gold opportunities in character roles, every profession, zone, or instance? Better brush up on your basics in Wow if you want to succeed. Same goes for Diablo 3. Otherwise you’ll be missing out on golden opportunities!

5. Nephalem Cube

The equivalent of disenchanting in World of Warcraft. See how I will apply the ideas of Wow to Diablo 3’s similar item.

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6. Biggest Lie on the AH

This lie is in wow too. Bet you can’t guess what it is!