Diablo III Markco Will Return

I wasn’t planning on ever joining the MMO scene again, especially not through a Blizzard game. All that changed this week when Diablo 3 announced two separate auction houses; one for gold and one for real money.

That’s right, it will be possible to trade gold, items and even characters for real money to other players. What’s more, you’ll be able to cash out; transferring the money from a Blizzard account to your personal Bank account.

I. Am. So. Excited.

For this reason alone I will be returning to the blogging scene. I plan to dominate the game through youtube, twitter, podcasts, forums, and yes even a blog.

Right now I’m purchasing the domain Diablo Gold Secrets but you may need to visit through the wordpress version until it is finalized. If you’re interested in witnessing the return of Markco to Blizzard’s newest economy then please take a look at the site! It’s going to be one hell (pun intended) of a ride.

My first post focuses on misconceptions that players have about this new auction house, like the idea that they will all Make Money Playing Diablo 3.