Diablo 3 Return to Hell

Some said the Lord of Terror simply could not be overcome… on a console. Those fools shall soon be disproven, as Blizzard is placing the final touches on Diablo III for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We played it at this year’s E3, and the real surprise here is that the game might just be better on consoles than its native PC.

Blasphemy, you say? Not necessarily. Blizzard says it’s touched every skill and character in the game as part of Diablo III’s translation to consoles. Some of these tweaks were minor, such as new animations for skills, while others revamped entire skills. In an attempt to give the game more of an action feel, Blizzard also added a quick-dash skill to each of the characters, mapping it to the right thumbstick. The dash skill feels natural, and you’ll find yourself wanting to roll through barrels as often as you dodge from enemies.

Blizzard’s also dabbled in sacrilege with the console versions of Diablo III, in that it has reduced the amount of loot that players will find. The good news is that you’ll not likely miss it, as the game maker has essentially gone in and lowered the drop rate on vendor junk items across the board. The loot process in general has been streamlined, and you’ll be able to instantly tell whether an item you’ve picked up is an upgrade through arrow indicators. Of course, you’ll still be able to see the full stats for each item if you want to.

Diablo III’s transition to consoles isn’t entirely smooth. Currently, Blizzard has in place an aim assist for beam-style spells, and while it is handy for keeping your death ray on hellspawn, it also has the effect of making the aiming controls feel sluggish.