Diablo 3 Monk Gear Tips Guide

Regardless of whether you choose to play solo or in a group, getting the right gear for your Monk is a huge help. When leveling up, I recommend taking what you can get as far as weaponry goes. No stat is as important as the raw DPS of your weapon as a Monk.

Unlike other classes, which can benefit from the powerful hits of slow weapons, Monks do just as well with fast weapons as they do with slow weapons. Fast weapons means you can execute more combos, many of which have short buffs. For example, the Fists of Thunder Rune – Lightning Flash – boosts your dodge by 15% for 2 seconds each time you use this ability.

With a fast attack, it is not hard to use Fist of Thunder every couple of attacks to gain that dodge bonus. With slow weapons, you will have a much harder time keeping up these valuable buffs.

There is still one downside to fast weapons. Your most powerful ability, Seven-Sided Strike, is on a 30-second cooldown. The slower your weapon, the more damage it does, since its damage multipliers are based on % weapon damage. Normally weaker, faster attacks are balanced out by the fact that faster weapons generate Spirit faster, but in this case the 30 second cooldown renders this extra Spirit worthless.

As a result, I recommend using the highest DPS weapon you can get your hands on, regardless of weapon type. Do not worry about getting access to a Daibo or Fist Weapons at an early level but instead use whatever does the most damage, whether it is a 1-hand club, axe, sword, or fist, it does not really matter.

For armor, I recommend maxing out Dexterity, Vitality, and Attack Speed. For Jewelry, always look for +Weapon Damage. Gold Find and Magic Find as well as other secondary stats are nice when you can get them for free but not necessary. For more information on gear, check our our Diablo 3 Monk Stats guide.