D3 Console Hardcore Legit

D3 Console Hardcore Legit
Greetings everyone and welcome to this special 200th post of the Diablo Fan Art Watch, and this week we mark nearly 5 years ago when the watch was first started by Flux. With that start the first artist to be visually featured was Vortexh.

A blue reply to a question about DiabloWikiHardcore on the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Console got me thinking about the larger issue.
Do we know if hardcore will be the same on console – when you die that’s it, start again. I hope it is otherwise it is not really hardcore.

Grimiku: The console version of Hardcore mode will behave just like the pc version, and death will be permanent.

I’ve seen a few people saying it wont be perm death for console, it will have consequences but you can come back to life, just want a blue post or link to say otherwise.
Grimiku: The game is not designed to do this by default, and it would require some manipulation to ensure a “safety net” for a hardcore character.

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It’s odd that someone would even ask this question, as often as Blizzard has said the console is the same PC game with a few minor changes to the controls. But now that it’s been answered, here’s my bigger question. Is Hardcore legit when done on the console?

57_PigSticker_IIIIt’s not that the dodge ability or diminished disconnect issues makes HC dubious on the console, but that characters can be saved and restored. (From what Blizzard has said, the save files are all packed together so you’d have to restore all of your characters to the last save, not just the one HC one. So at least it’s potentially inconvenient to cheat.)

There’s a ready rebuttal to that, and it’s Diablo 2 single player. There is online closed realm HC in D2 where players can not access their character files and death is forever, but there’s always been a substantial community of D2 players who played offline, and while they *could* restore their chars if the died, many players would rather die! (Oh wait.) You can see ample testimony to their devotion in our old time and still quite busy Diablo 2 Single Player forum (the SPF), where players much more hardcore than the rest of us can be found chronicling their 5000 or 10000 run grail quests (or worse) while recording precise stats and drop rates in spreadsheets.

The protagonist, Leah, and Tyrael travel to the city of Caldeum. The protagonist leaves to track down Maghda at Alcarnus as per orders from Cmdr. Ashaera, while Leah and Tyrael search for evidence of Belial in the city sewers. The protagonist heads to Khasim Outpost to try and pass the gate, but a suspicious man tells him/her to speak with Cpt. Davyd in the Command Post. When the hero walks in, Maghda thinks he/she was given as a sacrifice Belial, but the hero cleverly states that the Lord of Lies send her there as bait. Offended by the insult, Maghda orders the Imperial Guards (Deceives in disguise) to mince the hero. Thankfully, Cpt. Davyd and the Iron Wolves reclaim Khasim Outpost from the serpent demons, and the hero is given access to Alcarnus. After freeing all of the prisoners at Alcarnus, the hero fights Maghda in her lair and destroys her, avenging Cain, then returns to Caldeum where Leah has learned that her mother, Adria (the witch of Tristram from the original game) is still alive. The protagonist aids Leah in rescuing Adria from the city’s sewers. Adria reveals that the key to stopping the forces of hell is the Black Soulstone, which can trap the souls of the seven Lords of Hell and destroy them forever. The protagonist resurrects the soul of the traitor Horadrim, Zoltun Kulle, in order to recover the Black Soulstone, who reveals that it is hidden in his archives. After recovering Kulle’s body and some of his blood, so that he can open his lair, the protagonist is forced to defeat him after he attempts to take the soulstone for himself. Upon returning to Caldeum, the protagonist finds the city under attack by Belial’s forces. Adria and Leah fight their way to the palace with the aid of the protagonist, revealing Belial as having taken the form of the Emperor of Caldeum to deceive them, and eventually defeat him. Leah traps his soul within the Black Soulstone, freeing Caldeum, after which she receives a vision of the demon lord Azmodan, who is invading Sanctuary from the crater of Mount Arreat (destroyed by Tyrael in Diablo II) in order to retrieve the black soulstone and empower himself.

Not everyone plays HC in the D2 SPF, but most do, and they take it seriously. So sure, Diablo 3 console players could be dedicated and legit and Hardcore. In fact, you could even argue that the console players are more Hardcore, since there’s no DiabloWikiAuction House to provide easy gear upgrades. (So I guess the remaining question is how legit a console DiabloWikiIronborn player is, given the improved quality of drops and NPC item sales?)