D3 Monk Leveling

D3 Monk Leveling
Leveling has always been quite difficult in any game, but since using this Diablo 3 Monk Leveling guide, I’ve actually gained levels quite fast by knowing all the best locations to level. More importantly, what was made quite easy for me was selecting the type of build I wanted my Monk to have. I am more of an all out DPS build so in this guide, the exact skill sets was shown in quite an easy to read format. If you are also interested here’s a link to a downloadable guide.

The tales of Ivgorod’s monks are steeped in mystery and legend. It is said that these reclusive holy warriors endure grueling training for years on end at the wondrous Floating Sky Monastery forging their bodies and minds into weapons of righteousness. For the Monks, there is no greater honor than to follow the will of their 1001 gods even if it means death. Now, as the forces of darkness right against the world, Ivgorod’s ruling patriarchs have dispatched one of the Monk order’s greatest disciples to purge the evil at its source and restore balance to the corrupted lands of Sanctuary.

The Monk is a weapon of the gods themselves. He is a peerless martial artist who can pommel single foes with rapid fire strikes or annihilate throngs of demons by unleashing waves of pure energy through force of will. Combat is essential to the Monk’s lifelong pursuit of physical perfection destroying hordes of monsters using his holy fists. As a side note, another formidable opponent holding enchanted staves is the Diablo 3 Witch Doctor class, able to summon the undead with their dances of death rather than extinguish enemies with holy light.

The Monk’s melee prowess is boasted by his Spirit, an inner reserve of power that can be used to perform devastating attacks like the stunning Wave of Light and the fabled Seven Sided Strike. The Monk can also replenish his drained Spirit by landing successive blows against enemies. Another ability of this outstanding warrior is the creation of mantras: by harnessing his Spirit, the Monk can generate torrents of holy energy around himself and his allies. These powerful mantras can mend wounds and fortify defenses while simultaneously weakening nearby foes.
The Monk forgoes heavy armor relying instead on his super human agility to evade danger. With lightning quick reflexes, he can deflect vicious attacks and escape his adversaries with the grace and swiftness of the wind. Devout and wise, fierce and unrelenting, the Monk symbolizes a union among body, mind and the world at large.

If you have the courage to brave intense close range combat and the discipline to seek perfection in all things, then perhaps your destiny is to walk the righteous path of the Monk.