D3 Monk The Pros and Cons

D3 Monk The Pros and Cons
I am beginning a few posts about the class and starting with its pros and cons so that you might be interested in the class. For more a in-depth review, I have written up a pdf file reviewing the Diablo3 Monk and all its skills/builds and various item run strategies.

The First best thing about Diablo 3 Monk is that they’re not an easy class to master. Their dynamics, use of Spirit, combo-attack potential, and vast array of skills makes them an intricate challenge to overcome. The leveling process and the rate at which new abilities are introduced makes the adjustment easy at first, but it gets increasingly complicated over time. Some find this draining, while others love it!

Secondly, for melee addicts, they are a huge change of pace from a typical warrior-like experience. The animations compliment their dashing skills, and the class mechanics are situated so that with each quick punch and kick, there’s power and magic behind them that can’t be found anywhere else.

Finally, because of Mantras, Monks will have a much easier time getting in groups. Pure DPS classes like diablo 3 demon hunter or diablo 3 barbarian will be easy to come by, but the buffs that Monks can give will be highly sought after. There is a tanking, DPS, healing/Life regeneration, and thorns Mantra, all of which can bring any group to a new level of adventure.

First of all, Diablo 3 Monk can basically use every weapon in the game, except two-handed weapons and wands. Yet, the class is primarily about martial arts destruction at the end of their fists. With such a wide sweeping array of choices, this can make gearing unnecessarily time consuming. Too many options can be confusing. Where diablo 3 wizard stick with wands and Demon Hunters to bows, the Monk class contains a vast array of weaponry thus locating the most suitable weapon for the Monk is, as mentioned previously, time consuming.

Another shortfall, which can persist for the first chunk of the game, or into the last part of normal difficulty, is that Diablo 3 Monk Leveling isn’t as fast as other classes. It takes some time before Monks are able to swiftly storm through packs of mobs, for example, diablo 3 witch doctor can from early on. However, once higher levels are achieved, their astonishing power can overcome imposing odds in a snap.

Finally, the last drawback is that Monks don’t have different specs, so to speak. They’re not meant to be tanks, overt healers, and their DPS really only comes in one shade. Of course certain attacks and special abilities can be accentuated with Skill Runes and build choices, but it’s not the same as say, a frost centered Diablo 3 Wizard, or a Summoning master Diablo 3 Witch Doctor.