WOW down to 7.7 million subscribers

Commenters who have waited for schadenfreude over the last two expansions, start your keyboards.

Back in May, we were told that World of Warcraft subscriptions had fallen to 8.3 million. Now there are reports that the MMO has lost even more subscribers, dropping to 7.7 million subscribers worldwide. Those of you keeping score at home will probably recognize that the game hasn’t fallen below 8 million since before the game’s first expansion launched some six years ago.

On the one hand, World of Warcraft is obviously nowhere near failure, considering that it’s still far and away the game with the largest number of subscribers on the market. On the other hand, that margin is slowly shrinking, and the game continues to have a slow decline of subscriptions over the past several months. It’s unsure when the game will be getting its next expansion, but we know that changes are coming to the game’s business model, so it’s quite possible that Blizzard still has some tricks up its sleeves.For more news of warcraft please click Wow Powerleveling