PwnagraphicTV: Final Fantasy XIV – MMORPG Livestream

Pwnagraphic of RealGamerNewz writes, “PwnagraphicTV and RealGamerNewz presents the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG Livestream as the game???s NDA has finally been lifted and the game officially releases tomorrow. I have been playing in the Beta for a very long time and will be doing an overclocked GPU Livestream Marathon of it for 24 hours on Saturday at 8AM (Texas time baby!). You can catch me playing with my LinkShell and all of my gear that I???ve unlocked, so this is not some noob just messing around, I know what I???m doing here. Enjoy the embedded stream below which will run from right now until about 1-2AM (TX time) unless I decide to go all night and live with the hangover tomorrow. Enjoy and look forward to the next one.”

FFXIV server operation accelerate charge does not exclude the time in China

May, shanda announced its partial product operational program in 2013, according to final fantasy 14 “(hereinafter referred to as: FF14) will be launched in 2014, shortly after the United States at the E3 expo,” the final fantasy 14 “producer, in order to let Chinese players to experience the game as soon as possible, the developer has now, according to the actual status of the dress is tailored exclusive version, hope to be able to as soon as possible into the operational phase. Said, head of the game at the same time, due to the quality of the game after the rebirth more perfect, so in terms of countries take charge, prop fee will not be a priority. Last year, as a result of the game in such aspects as system Settings, art design has many unreasonable, resulting in a large number of players, so it’s highly anticipated popular masterpiece in operation after 2 years suffered the fate of the oven. One year later, after the development of research and development, this book to new look to life again. Although existing quality can the game and the ancient centuries.

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Picture exposure FFXIV China server

This is a grand today released a couple of final fantasy 14 “the clothes after the localization of hd screenshots (I) from more than one play transported, look from the picture quality is not the most excellent MS image quality (PS: mainly, and the inside of the video quality is a little distance…). , but the distribution of 2 pieces of wallpaper or good, and in the localization of the screenshot TuanZ adults also found that a map of diving, male leading role position is good, but the scenery below look better… To say much, directly above.

The final fantasy 14 countries take the latest screenshots

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See 13 minutes of epic FFXIV footage

Final fantasy new version will be open beta, let us enjoy the new version of the picture.If you’re on the fence about Final Fantasy XIV, or heck, even if you’re already a fan, you’ll probably want to check out an epic new promotional trailer that shows off just about everything you need to know about the reboot known as A Realm Reborn.

There is a catch, and it is that the entire 13-minute video is in Japanese. Still, you can get glimpses of the game’s character creation, crafting, job system, armory, and more. See for yourself after the cut!

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FF brings version 1.0 characters into beta

To repeat what I said in response to Final Fantasy. net’s follow-up to this movie that followed much the same positive vibe:

Honestly, all of this is well and good to suggest, when it comes to the social common sense of party play in any MMORPG, but SE will still need to be on top of developing their game to protect players from our own worst sides and baddest apples, because it’s 2013, it’s the internet, and the duty finder means that blacklists and reputation are pretty much impotent and moot.

For example: giving tanks the tools to hold agro even with uncommunicative and uncooperative DPS in the party is crucial.

At the end of the day, you can lead players to content, but you can’t make them talk to each other. SE can lay out all the friendly pie-in-the-sky reminders of etiquette they like, but what will make or break the duty finder experience is protective development designed to automatically cut down on the damage done by the most brutal, un-nerfable monster in any MMORPG: The jaded internet gaming community of 2013.


Returning players who log into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta phase four will be given the option to import their version 1.0 characters for the first time since the game went offline in November 2012. The Lodestone reports that players will not only see their old characters once more, but also any items that they had on them at the time of the apocalypse. Players will have a one-time opportunity to alter that character’s look, gender, race, and name, and these changes will carry over to live.

Square-Enix is also handing out the legacy chocobo whistles with phase 4 for those that earned them through the legacy campaign. This will add a special mount to your character’s stable.

And if you’ve never played an MMO before and need a beginner’s guide to partying up for dungeon runs, check out the following video (protip: Tell everyone you’re a noob!).

Almost every mmo launches with no more social tools than an ignore list and a invite only chat room, also known as a guild. That’s it. Why can’t I rate other players? Why can’t I see meaningful metrics on those players? Gaming communities are far past the size where can manage them with small town rules (everyone knows everyone). Don’t tell me the system would just be abused, there are many ways to create reasonable rating systems which are difficult to abuse.

People become civil when there are meaningful repercussions to be being uncivil. If I can see the number of times a player leaves before a dungeon is over, then that might impact my decision to invite them to my party. In addition, it might impact that players decision to leave early knowing that future group leaders will judge him on that behavior.

Managing communities and creating civil environments is so much more than crossing your fingers and telling players to “play nice”, it means creating systems which provide benefit to players who do treat others with respect and punish those who do not.

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New trailer released for FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

Final fantasy XIV has released a new version of the trailer, to see the specific content of his.If you’re looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy XIV’s large-scale revamp, you’re probably devouring every piece of information you can find about the game. So you’ll be happy to know that just beyond the cut down yonder lies the latest trailer for the impending relaunch, featuring some recycled footage from previous trailers and some new shots of the game as a whole. Also no voiceovers, if you prefer your information in text form.

What we have seen are elements from the first trailers and some of the bigger group battles, including the Meteor spell. What we haven’t seen is some of the in-game footage, including more group battles showing off combat and some of the new landscapes featured in the relaunch. There’s also a good look at some of the new starter outfits in the game rather than in concept art. If that sounds like enough reason for you, go ahead and check out the full trailer just past the break.

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Talk about feelings of FFXIV new version

I was in beta and I must say – I never saw game with better graphics. Its so astonishing, best visual enviroment ever in any game.  FF games on/offline was every time  “weird” and different, which is OK. When I was in beta, I start playing in some rounded city, saw many cinematics and spend 3 days (real days) inside that city doing some long story quest about miners that hurt in mines….. I never saw something like that.  Im glad that FF14 will be different. And yes, it totally need housing, many mounts, breeding,  to be different.. to be like FF11 was (it has housing).  People dont want Wowlike anymore.  Because in Wow (and I like it, played 5 years, think about return for pandas..)  you are doing quests/pvp/raids..and then nothing. Just sitting and staring or going something else to do.   But with  housing and other sandbox-style features, you can practically live inside game.   SWTOR promised this in spaceships.. but everyone know where it ended

But now – to the financial issue.  Even with all that features, FF14 cant compete to other games if it will be 50$ + monthly fees.  Its new century, different time,  yes they can made subscription for members with some befenits,  but they should made it F2P.   Standard – 0$ spent,  limited how many times you can do dungeon/crafting/… etc + 80% xp/cr incomes.   50% spent (client)  – lesser limits,, 100% incomes..   and subscriber with 15$ =  150% incomes.. no limits..  tokens for social/services itemshop.   That will be FINE and with proper advertising (relaunch reviews..) it will attact many players, especially adult players that like good stories, big lore.. and ppl that just want stare on nice graphic ^^

I think there is possibility to made game with fees, but it should be vast like Wow, have many functions..  because people are blind these days.  GW2 is no fees, but its almost empty.  Just 1 quest line, otherwise only nice world with pve grind, or pvp grind without any purpose.  And it have many ugly textures.   Lotro – nice F2P but its old, so it must be F2P……   people just dont understand that   new game can be and should be  P2P. so that is reason why ALL new released games should have both.  F2P and P2P.

You know some companies just put a small band-aid on something and call it a day. Square Enix seems to  have completely redone everything and from what we all  saw the game looks gorgeous. I think people will forgive Square Enix because people really love the Final Fantasy franchise.They are a really good company and they deserve a second chance if the new patch proves worthy.

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It’s the end of Eorzea as we know it

It’s not really a Final Fantasy game without a good apocalypse, and Final Fantasy XIV is getting just that. We’ve been watching the slow roll of the end of the world for months now, and as the last few days tick down before the shutdown, it’s becoming amply clear just how bad the world is going to get. Everything will burn, everything will fall, and it’s down to the last few defenders to fight for the ashes of Eorzea.

And, well, it’ll all get put back a couple of days later. But that’s not the point.

While the game has been flirting with the apocalyptic prophecies circling around the Seventh Umbral Era since launch, the announcement of A Realm Reborn and subsequent changes set the stage, and since then the game has quite happily pushed the idea that the end is nigh. Speaking as someone who was quite disappointed when similar changes just skipped from “everything’s fine” to “after the end” in other games, I was curious to see what Final Fantasy XIV’s implementation would look like. And while it’s not quite over, I’ve seen enough to call it — not perfectly, but very close.

Excellent destruction, very top-notch work

A gunblade was pushing it, but a gunspear?  That's just silly.I mentioned in the intro that Final Fantasy games kind of require the whole world to fall apart sooner or later. This has been done with varying degrees of success, with Final Fantasy VI setting the bar by letting you try to stop it and fail completely. (Spoiler warning for an 18-year-old game, I guess.) Sometimes it’s mostly an implied end of society via war (Final Fantasy XII), sometimes it’s vague and not terribly ominous (Final Fantasy VII), and sometimes it leads to worlds literally colliding (Final Fantasy XIII).

FFXIV faces the unique problem of making it clear that everything is falling apart while at the same time giving players the room to actually play the game. And for much of the events, this has been accomplished through a very simple method: the sky. Dalamud has been hovering there for a while, first vague, then obvious, then ever-larger, and now omnipresent. But there have been other hints, chiefly that patches have kept pitting players against increasingly powerful incarnations of the Primals and the Empire — back and forth, bounced against two forces driving the land to the brink of destruction.

Now we’re past that brink and past the final save. Now, anything goes. And so the walls have been broken down, and suddenly, the cities aren’t safe any longer. There are fairly safe regions, but you can also see swarms of drakes and Imperial soldiers in the streets of Ul’dah. The latest update has even allowed you to start mounting in the city, recognizing that the boundaries between where you can and can’t go have become increasingly thin.

On the ground level, this is immensely effective. It drives home just how alien the world is becoming as you witness aggressive monsters roaming once-docile streets beneath a stormy and ominous sky. About the only place that doesn’t seem to be completely damaged is Mor Dhona, and that’s mostly because tension was already business as usual in those parts. The steady updates have provided a much-needed feel of the world falling apart and safety becoming a much more relative concept.

I don’t actually know what’s happening

The Darnosaur.  Darnus the Marnus.  Darnyboo.  Darnatron.There’s also been some pretty good storytelling going on regarding the Grand Companies. But here lies something I do have to take issue with because it’s been a single vertical storyline pitting us against Van Darnus in the end… with no direct impact on the bottom level.

Now, I like the idea that beating Darny-boy does not, in fact, stop anything. Far from being a load-bearing boss, the dude has already set stuff into motion that we’re going to be cleaning up for a long while. But the fact of the matter is that if you missed a step along the quest line, you were locked out of the story progression, especially since the game’s population is pretty thin and not really blessed with the time to repeat this content endlessly. Miss a moment and you miss a whole lot.

I’m not saying that Darnus Darnus Bo Barnus should be hanging around a shed outside of Gridania and going down after two punches. I’m lamenting that the only way to get the picture of what was going on was a single vertical branch rather than a journey through more horizontal progression to see what was going on in the world as a whole. Separate lines make sure that everyone gets in on the story, even if not everyone gets a cage match with the capital-B bad.

The ramp effect

One thing is being handled perfectly thus far: the conclusion. Even if you’ve missed some parts of the story, you can be there for the big finale, a last desperate stand in Mor Dhona that will be running this weekend. And it promises to be a good chance to go out with a bang because, you know, that big event in the trailer? That last stand against the Empire when everything falls apart? That’s what’s going on here.

Yes, this is the end of the world that you’re going to be saved from.

But we don’t know what happens next, exactly. Are we going to be thrown into a ball of timey-wimey stuff and sent back in time or to an alternate universe? Will the calamity hit and then pass? Will it be five minutes in the past or five years? What’s going to happen when that moon hits the ground?

I don’t know. But it’s really cool that the game has slowly turned a nebulous doom into a very immediate and present threat, and that covers a multitude of sins. No matter what happens with the next version, any other game will be hard-pressed to match this level of concluding event.Click here to FFXIV Gil learn more information and help.

The end comes to FFXIV

In the same fleeting moment one must live, die, and know.

As of 1:00 a.m. EST today, the Final Fantasy XIV servers started the game’s final event before the relaunch. At 3:00 a.m. EST, they shut down. Immediately following the shutdown, the last trailer for the game’s current version was posted, showing the outcome of the final battle against the forces of the Garlean Empire by the unified Grand Companies of Eorzea. And if you’ve been following the game’s story in any fashion, you’ll probably want to see how it all ends.

It’s worth noting that the cutscene is both fairly long and lacking in context — if you don’t know the most recent lore of the game, you’re not going to catch everything that’s going on. But if you’ve been watching the final defense of the Eorzean city-states from inside the game or on the sidelines, you deserve a front-row seat for the last clash of armies. And even though you know how it ends, it’s still going to pack a punch.

I have wanted to play FF14 since i heard about it a year ago – but I havent found any copies in stores or any places online that sold it. Plus, the website wouldnt allow peopel to create new accounts which i found weird.

Regardless, I think the game looked AMAZING and after all teh gameplay Ive seen, I would have played without wanting a relaunch. But those that HAVE played say it was necessary and now i see this “end of gameworld” type movie with the game launching again in a few months.Click here to FFXIV Gil information and help to get more games.

FFXIV lays out beta test roadmap

Final Fantasy XIV lays out beta test roadmap

Final Fantasy XIV is ramping up its preparations for beta testing A Realm Reborn and has laid out a roadmap for its progression toward relaunch. The Final Fantasy XIV website will begin taking beta applications in January, and the beta will commence in mid-February. The beta will take part in four phases with short debugging periods between them.

The main goals of the beta test are to rebalance level progression, the battle system, and crafting; to refine the user interface; to test the importing of characters from version 1.0; to stress test the servers; and to report and fix bugs.

Legacy status holders and Final Fantasy XIV account holders are automatically included in the beta, while other interested parties need to apply.
Can’t wait to get into phase 1 and phase 3, I love their holding true to legacy status people getting in, and people who bought XIII getting the ps3 beta. Shows that some things that were promised from the old staff, are now being fulfilled by the new staff yay.  Honestly I am pumped, I wasn’t pumped before but after the end of an era trailer and all the new info, specially gathering and crafting being upgraded. I’m still one of my only friends with high level gathering and crafting meaning I had to do a lot of farming, they made it so much easier. Now to see if they change wvr to not depend on fleece from 45 on, that killed my wvr progression, and made me switch to cook for a long time. As much as people complained about the ingredients required for cook, if progressed saved, I’d still be gathering and cooking all day.Clickhere:FFXIV Gil to learn more information and service game, hurry to join.