Get your epeen on with these new FFXIV screenies

Get your epeen on with these new Final Fantasy XIV screenies

My, that’s a large… sword that you’re holding at a very interesting angle, there. Compensating for something, perhaps? Maybe it’s impotence caused by the long wait until Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn comes to a home PC or PS3 near you?

Then we have the cure! No, it’s not a little blue pill; it’s a new gallery full of FFXIV screenshots and concept art from the upcoming reboot. Check them out and feel assured that your epeen will once again be in action.

Game has always had amazing visuals …square has always been known has THEE graphics powerhouse but when you have great graphics and shit gameplay …well we all know what happened hopefully the redesign will prove better.Click here FFXIV Gil for more content.