FFXIV shifts into second closed beta phase

Final Fantasy XIV shifts into second closed beta phase

Check out that fine-tuned Mog machine coming around the track! Why, it’s Final Fantasy XIV, which has just shifted into its second closed beta phase and is sprinting toward the release of A Realm Reborn!

Square-Enix is running beta tests over weekends in April. The focus of phase 2 is on the city-state of Gridania, Gamepad support for the PC, Chocobo mounts, and full active time events. It’s not too late to sign up for the beta, either.

When Final Fantasy XIV hits closed beta phase 3, the team will add in the PlayStation 3 version and a “huge amount” of additional content. Specific details and timing of phase 3 have yet to be announced.

I can wait for Phase for Phase 3,, Signed up for the PS3 beta test on day 1 of sign ups and the wait has been long but I know it’ll be worth it =)  The beta road map said for Phase 1 = 2 – 4 weeks then a period for debugging etc..  Phase 2 = 1 – 3 weeks then debug.  Most likely the end of April to early map for Phase 3.  So no doubt in my Mind that the game is gonna be a summer release July/August You can click here FFXIV Gil to learn more about the game news and services.