FFXIV lays out beta test roadmap

Final Fantasy XIV lays out beta test roadmap

Final Fantasy XIV is ramping up its preparations for beta testing A Realm Reborn and has laid out a roadmap for its progression toward relaunch. The Final Fantasy XIV website will begin taking beta applications in January, and the beta will commence in mid-February. The beta will take part in four phases with short debugging periods between them.

The main goals of the beta test are to rebalance level progression, the battle system, and crafting; to refine the user interface; to test the importing of characters from version 1.0; to stress test the servers; and to report and fix bugs.

Legacy status holders and Final Fantasy XIV account holders are automatically included in the beta, while other interested parties need to apply.
Can’t wait to get into phase 1 and phase 3, I love their holding true to legacy status people getting in, and people who bought XIII getting the ps3 beta. Shows that some things that were promised from the old staff, are now being fulfilled by the new staff yay.  Honestly I am pumped, I wasn’t pumped before but after the end of an era trailer and all the new info, specially gathering and crafting being upgraded. I’m still one of my only friends with high level gathering and crafting meaning I had to do a lot of farming, they made it so much easier. Now to see if they change wvr to not depend on fleece from 45 on, that killed my wvr progression, and made me switch to cook for a long time. As much as people complained about the ingredients required for cook, if progressed saved, I’d still be gathering and cooking all day.Clickhere:FFXIV Gil to learn more information and service game, hurry to join.