Talk about feelings of FFXIV new version

I was in beta and I must say – I never saw game with better graphics. Its so astonishing, best visual enviroment ever in any game.  FF games on/offline was every time  “weird” and different, which is OK. When I was in beta, I start playing in some rounded city, saw many cinematics and spend 3 days (real days) inside that city doing some long story quest about miners that hurt in mines….. I never saw something like that.  Im glad that FF14 will be different. And yes, it totally need housing, many mounts, breeding,  to be different.. to be like FF11 was (it has housing).  People dont want Wowlike anymore.  Because in Wow (and I like it, played 5 years, think about return for pandas..)  you are doing quests/pvp/raids..and then nothing. Just sitting and staring or going something else to do.   But with  housing and other sandbox-style features, you can practically live inside game.   SWTOR promised this in spaceships.. but everyone know where it ended

But now – to the financial issue.  Even with all that features, FF14 cant compete to other games if it will be 50$ + monthly fees.  Its new century, different time,  yes they can made subscription for members with some befenits,  but they should made it F2P.   Standard – 0$ spent,  limited how many times you can do dungeon/crafting/… etc + 80% xp/cr incomes.   50% spent (client)  – lesser limits,, 100% incomes..   and subscriber with 15$ =  150% incomes.. no limits..  tokens for social/services itemshop.   That will be FINE and with proper advertising (relaunch reviews..) it will attact many players, especially adult players that like good stories, big lore.. and ppl that just want stare on nice graphic ^^

I think there is possibility to made game with fees, but it should be vast like Wow, have many functions..  because people are blind these days.  GW2 is no fees, but its almost empty.  Just 1 quest line, otherwise only nice world with pve grind, or pvp grind without any purpose.  And it have many ugly textures.   Lotro – nice F2P but its old, so it must be F2P……   people just dont understand that   new game can be and should be  P2P. so that is reason why ALL new released games should have both.  F2P and P2P.

You know some companies just put a small band-aid on something and call it a day. Square Enix seems to  have completely redone everything and from what we all  saw the game looks gorgeous. I think people will forgive Square Enix because people really love the Final Fantasy franchise.They are a really good company and they deserve a second chance if the new patch proves worthy.

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