FFXIV server operation accelerate charge does not exclude the time in China

May, shanda announced its partial product operational program in 2013, according to final fantasy 14 “(hereinafter referred to as: FF14) will be launched in 2014, shortly after the United States at the E3 expo,” the final fantasy 14 “producer, in order to let Chinese players to experience the game as soon as possible, the developer has now, according to the actual status of the dress is tailored exclusive version, hope to be able to as soon as possible into the operational phase. Said, head of the game at the same time, due to the quality of the game after the rebirth more perfect, so in terms of countries take charge, prop fee will not be a priority. Last year, as a result of the game in such aspects as system Settings, art design has many unreasonable, resulting in a large number of players, so it’s highly anticipated popular masterpiece in operation after 2 years suffered the fate of the oven. One year later, after the development of research and development, this book to new look to life again. Although existing quality can the game and the ancient centuries.

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