Diablo 3 The pure MMO

A pure MMO is generally a game with thousands of people on each server, a booming social space, economy, huge competition, and massive awards that are achievable only through a lot of players teaming up together to accomplish a single and glorified goal. In Diablo 3 conversely, any of the monumental achievements that the game offers can only be shared with those who you are able to play co-op with, and therefore the game cannot be classified as a true MMO; there simply are not enough people online at the same time on the same server to constitute being labeled a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG.

A pure MMO game is something that is focused entirely on creating a Massive experience, in the sense that everything is about large groups, social gaming, and experience of seeing everything with a lot of people around you. The people who love MMO’s are happy to see thousands of people playing the same game as them and see an active community and even world blossoming around them. This phenomenon creates the sense that something very big is going on at all times, and gives the players a chance to conceive real accomplishments, as there are many people who can witness what you have accomplished in real time, giving you a much more rewarding experience.