D3 Buying your way to the Top

If Diablo 3 suffers from the Gunbound curse, we may be doomed to a ruined eco system and a really bad experience in the late game. There may be very little reason to play the game and engage in the long term with other gamers, which can potentially ruin one of the biggest titles to come out for PC in the past 5 years. People crave the ability to compete by organic growth, and by earning their items. If the skill gap is too large between those who invest and those who do not, there may be a really large fallout a few years after launch, creating a large problem for the longevity of the series and the replay ability that we have come to adore on Diablo 2.

There has been massive talks about the real gold auction house, and what it can do to the brand new economical system and social system that will come with Buy Diablo 3 Gold. People love the organic feel of a stimulated economy such as that in World of Warcraft, but people hate the fact that some gamers prefer to simply buy their way to the top of the skill ladder by purchasing real money items capable of giving them and edge against smaller spenders. In fact, on of the games that really took this far, Gunbound, lost most of the hardcore fans of an otherwise engaging and fun game because of the skill gap between paying customers and those who prefer to earn items organically; those who invested real money in the game had such a large edge that it was impossible to compete without shelling out more that$100.00 — and that would only barely get you started. There was no way for people to play without paying for items, it was simply a pay-to-compete model instead of a pay to play.

We are hopeful that Blizzard will be able to solve these potential problems, and here is to hoping that we have a great time in Diablo 3!