D3 Reaper of Souls of Items

No Offline Mode in Reaper of Souls
Similar to a live game, Reaper of Souls will require a persistent internet connection to play. That’s the current plan at least. Even though the console Diablo III can be played offline, there are no plans to change the PC version with the upcoming expansion to work that way.

Extra Character Slots
With a new Crusader class coming in Reaper of Souls, there is a strong desire for more character slots in each Diablo III account. One new character class called the Crusader has been confirmed to add up into the new version so that there are enough to go around if your diablo III items are abountant. Our diablo 3 items for sale will always support you.

Other specific features
A fifth act: taking the story of Diablo III from the legendary city of Westmarch to the unhallowed halls of the Pandemonium Fortress.
A new artisan: the Mystic.
A new level cap of 70 (up from 60).
Many new weapons and new pieces of armor.
New skills and runes for existing classes.
New monsters to defeat.

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It’s officially reported that the massive patch coming before the Reaper of Souls expansion will include many changes and additions to all players of the Diablo III, even to those who don’t end up with buying the expansion, and that a new release will come out in 2014. Now let’s have a latest access of the study on the features of the Reaper of Souls. You can buy cheap diablo 3 items at diablo3goldsell.