FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins Buying Guide

fifa15 coins guide

In life, money can buy lots of things. In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, coins can buy almost everything.

With an unlimited budget, you can create the club of your dreams: an unbeatable squad, stocked with all the human resources possible, and full of upgrade cards that improve the performance of your athletes. We can say that, in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, Coins buy everything, except wins. But give a great help for that.

The most common question about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is: how can I make a lot of Coins? There are several methods, but the fastest and most effective is to use real money to buy them. In this article we explain everything you should know about buy FIFA 15 coins.

This method of making FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins with real money is the easiest to understand. It is based in exchange of a pre-set quantity of Coins for money.This is possible because there are always players interested in monetizing their playing time and there is always someone willing to go the easy way: buy directly what they are interested.

Here are the steps to apply this method:
Step Number One – Define your needs
The first step is to define what will you do with the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins. Only then you will know how many will you want.

Step Number Two – Search for a Seller
Once set the number of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins you want to buy, it’s time to find a seller. Finding sellers is an easy task, but how do you know if you’re buying for a good price? FIFA15-coins will tell you the answer.

Step Number Three – Buy
Once found the seller and set the price and quantity of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins to buy, it’s time to close the transaction. Pay on the currency and by the way agreed to receive the coins.

There are some special cautions that should be taken when applying this method:
Set the Correct Quantity:Before we buy something, we need to know what we really want. If you buy too many FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins, you will be spending money. If you do not buy enough, you will buy it again but you will lose the discount usually applied to larger quantities. Consider also if you want to buy now all the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins or if you can leave some for buying later. Prices tend to fall throughout the year and you can make better purchases.

Find an Honest Seller:Be careful because in many cases the sellers are not honest and just want to keep your money. We advise you to buy at friends, to whom has already sold you or seek feedback on new vendors. Alternatively, you can also use a middleman or buy directly on Remember that you are doing a transaction that has nothing to do with the game and so, if something goes wrong, you can not complain to anyone.

Avoid Sellers that you do not Trust:When searching for a seller, you will surely find who promise miracles. You do not have to pay anything and the coins appear in your account. It is not true. There is nothing like that. Avoid being carried away by temptation and never give your details.

Complete the Transaction Safety:Any online purchase involves risks. If the seller is not a well known and if the item is virtual, these risks are even greater. Follow the usual safety precautions: avoid using the credit card, when possible pay with PayPal, check the reputation of the seller, do not provide personal information, etc …

How to Do Tricks on FIFA Ulitimate Team


“FIFA” is a soccer title produced by Electronic Arts (EA). The game is rated E (Everyone). In “FIFA,” you try to build a strong club and lead your team to the championship. You play each match, controlling the players while they are on the pitch. While each player has basic controls such as running, passing, shooting and sliding, there are some advanced ball-handling skills that can be utilized to help you become an elite player.

Standing Skills
1.Perform a “drag back” by flipping the joystick on your PlayStation 2 controller back two times in a row. This will roll the ball back closer to you and is effective at making a defender miss if he is trying to steal the ball.

2.Perform a “standing step-over” by quickly flipping the joystick forward two times in succession. This will cause your player to do some fancy footwork all around the ball, potentially confusing the defender.

3.Press either “Left-Left” or “Right-Right” on the joystick to perform a “fake step.” This move will misdirect the defense.

4.Pull back on the joystick and from that position quickly rotate it to the right or the left. This will rotate your position 90 degrees, and you will pull the ball back to you and flick it out in the new direction. This is a “drag back with a flick.”

5.Press “Left-Right” or “Right-Left” on the joystick to extend a “knock-on” to your “standing step-over.” This footwork will misdirect an oncoming defender.

Running Skills
1.Push forward on the joystick. From that position quickly rotate the joystick around to the left or right to perform a “lane change.” This will help you get out of the way of an approaching defender.

2.Press R2 on the controller to perform a “sideways dribble.”

3.Flick the joystick forward two times in a row to perform a “step-over” while running. The defender will become confused by your footwork, and it can create space between you and him.

4.Press “Up,” “Down,” “Up” in quick succession to get the ball airborne. The “ball lift” can help avoid a sliding tackle.

Shooting Skills
1.Press the “shoot” button on the system’s controller will have your player perform a “laces shot.” This shot is less accurate but will have the most power behind it.

2.Hold down the L2 button on the controller plus the “shoot” button to perform a “chip shot.” This shot will send the ball high into the air and down toward the goal. Use this shot when you need to get the ball over the goalie’s head.

3.Fake the defense out by pretending to shoot. While holding down the shoot button, press pass to “fake pass.”

Wildstar Online Leveling Guide

Looking for a Wildstar Leveling Guide that will help speed up your leveling experience? We’ve got you covered! This guide will cover the basic mechanics of leveling, and provide you with a few tips and tricks that can be used to your advantage when playing Wildstar. If I were to describe the leveling process in WSO with one word, it would be traditional. This game has a lot of standard “Kill X Amount of Mobs” quests, and some delivery/meet certain person quests.What is the fastest way to level in Wildstar Online?

To be honest, the absolute fastest way to reach the max level in Wildstar is to use the Killer Guides Wildstar Leveling Guide. Obviously we can’t share any of the content with you here since it’s not ours, but we can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to level up quickly in the game.

The most important thing you can do when leveling, is stay focused on the task at hand. Don’t get distracted after completing a quest, you need to start working on the next objective right after. If you can, you should always try to complete multiple quests in the same area, before heading back to town to turn them in.

Another thing to consider, is not spending too much time deciding which reward you want from every single quest. Early on especially, you will be upgrading your gear so fast that it really doesn’t even make a difference — and actually eats up a lot of time when you try to pick the best choice.

Complete All Quests!

Making sure you don’t get under-leveled is a very important aspect of this Wildstar Levleing Guide. Before you move to the next zone, you should make sure that every quest is completed in your current zone. It will guarantee that no future quests are a major challenge for you, and that you will be able to complete them quickly.

To Group? Or not to Group?

A lot of players can’t decide if it’s worth it to try and level with a group, or to just go solo. With this, it depends a lot on the potential group you’d be leveling with. If you have a group of friends that you know is going to be efficient, then by all means go ahead and level with them. However, if someone is constantly needing a smoke break, or has to be in bed by 9PM — just go by yourself.

Grouping can be great for a lot of different things though, it makes PvP and Dungeons a lot easier, and you can breeze through several quests.

Wildstar Online Leveling Guide – Dungeons and PVP

Besides questing, you can also get EXP by clearing dungeons, or competing in PVP matches. Now, with an extremely skilled group, these can both be fast ways of leveling, but honestly the best way to go about it is to do a mix. By that I mean complete all the quests in one area, and then do a dungeon and a couple of PvP matches — then go to the next questing area and repeat.

If you follow that method, you should level very efficiently, and never be getting low EXP from mobs or fighting things that are too difficult.

Thanks for reading this Wildstar Leveling Guide, we will be updating often, so keep checking back!

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