‘Destiny’ Xur’s Location: Vanguard Hall

Those looking for Xûr should run straight ahead towards the Vanguard hall, after spawning in the Tower. He is located to the right of the table that the three Vanguards are standing at, against the wall. Here’s where you can find him on the Tower map, just to be sure.


Xûr and his items will only be available in Destiny through the morning of Sunday, October 26. As soon as the clock strikes 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT, he will be gone.


All of the Exotic armor on sale from Xûr has been offered before. The Armamentarium in particular has been on sale in Destiny numerous times. Meanwhile, the Warlock gauntlets were on sale last week and the Hunter helmet the week before that. Destiny power leveling is also available to the player-related services. The Exotic weapon is a first appearance, but may be disappointing to many. Don’t forget that you can start and complete the “Urn of Sacrifice Quest” now that Xûr is around.

How To Approach Earn Gear in Destiny

Our Professional Destiny team has spent hundreds of hours in the solar system, exploring the worlds of Destiny over the last week. While our complete review isn’t quite ready, our explorations haven’t come without revelation. While working on a late mission on Venus, we ran into one of the easiest ways to grind out gear without spend too much destiny glimmer, and as gear does not drop based on the level of your opposition, but rather your actual level and a bit of luck, you can use this trick just as easily as we have. Destiny power leveling also allows you easier.

While moving through the open world on the way toward your later objectives, spend your time in the courtyards with a fire team. Try your best to recruit anyone who can make your exploits easier to complete, and break the Vex and Fallen down where they spawn for maximum candy acquisition. Spewing out treasure like a fountain, you’ll never want to go back to the old ways of grinding again.

Destiny Difficulty? End All Three Completed Crota

All three classes in Destiny has now completed Crota’s End alone. The feat by Warlock signals a terrifying realization, that Destiny’s endgame content might just not difficulties. Destiny power leveling make your game a lot easier. Either that, or Bungie should fix the way raids work.



A Warlock’s Solo

After both a Hunter and a Titan successfully made it through Crota’s End without a teammate, a Warlock has now completed the feat as well. It is surprising that the Warlock class was last to solo Crota’s End, as the class was pivitol in beating Vault of Glass.

Even more impressive, unlike the other two players and the dozens after them, this Warlock was able to make it through the raid without using the Gjallarhorn. Watch the solo trek in the video below.

In total, the Warlock player says it took them some 10 hours to complete the entire raid solo. Some solo raiders are capable of running through the whole thing in less than 2 hours, and eventually we suspect Warlocks will be able to as well. The above video only features the final portion of their solo run. For the full run, check out HM05′s channel to see the entire quest.

Closing Statements

The Dark Below only has one raid named Crota’s End. Therefore, an MMO gamer like myself is pretty unimpressed by the difficulty. Even if these players have exploited some game mechanics to achieve victory, Bungie should have fixed these issues. One player should never be able to do the job of six in current end game content.

Destiny 2 One Interesting Feature: A Sequel To Transfer Character Data

Earlier this month, Bungie staff member David “DeeJ” Dague spoke to IGN and explained that the character data from the current Destiny video game will be transferable to the upcoming Destiny 2, it will come if you want to choose cheap destiny power leveling?

Bungie later confirmed that all progress from the first game will “100% carry over to the sequel.” It is very interesting news. Previously, Bungie and Activision talked about a 10 year plan for Destiny. In that sense, it seemed odd that Activision was already discussing the follow-up to the first Destiny when the first game was barely a month past its initial launch.  Destiny still had to work out so many flaws. In fact, there are still flaws that must be addressed moving forward. In that sense, talk of Destiny 2 came off rather premature. However, it is interesting to discuss the news about the carrying over of player progress to the  new Destiny games.

Rumor Reports are Speculating that “Destiny 2” will be Released in Spring 2016

Eric Hirshberg, the CEP of Activision Publishing has revealed in a report by VG 24/7 that the development has started for the next full game in the Destiny series. On ‘Destiny’ of substitution can enter Destiny-Store.com. We will be offering Cheap Destiny Power Leveling and will be held during the Christmas season discounts.


“Work has also begun on future expansion packs, as well as on our next full game release,” said Hirshberg in regards to the future of the Destiny game series. In fact, Activision is preparing for a lengthy 10-year span for the game franchise and a sequel is definitely happening. Hirshberg then added that the next Destiny game is in good hands with Bungie, and that it has large plans for the game franchise. destiny

“Bungie has a Lord of the Rings-sized narrative in mind for Destiny,” revealed the Activision CEO. The contract deals between Bungie and Activision that emerged in 2012 revealed that there will be multiple sequels for Destiny. GameHype reported that Destiny 2 has a rumored release date in the spring of 2016, though Bungie and Activision has not yet commented on the subject. As for the game’s users, website Gamespot has revealed that the game has over 9.5 million “registered users,” with the calculation that an average Destiny players spends 3 hours every day playing the game. David Dague, the Bungie Community Manager revealed to IGN that all the characters from the first game will still appear in the sequel since they get attached to their charactes.

Destiny Glitch Tells A Funny Moment Or Even An Exploitable Trick

Let us first look at a video, player left shares the video above that tells the story of Billy, the adventurous Thrall that wanted to lead his fireteam to a chest filled with potential armor and goodies.

Player leftyfl1p shares the video above that tells the story of Billy, the adventurous Thrall that wanted to lead his fireteam to a chest filled with potential armor and goodies.
If you want to know more about Destiny’s information, Destiny-Store.com also provide Destiny Power Leveling.

Context: After his fireteam leader (green) demands to know where he is going, Billy the thrall (red) finds a secret chest and returns to show his fireteam his shiny new gjallarhorn that he found. He then proceeds to return to the chest location along with his fireteam. His warlock buddy (yellow) hopes to see some luck with this chest, as he didn’t with the first one. He isn’t too happy with the results. He then finds a guardian behind a pillar and immediately wants to cheese him with the disconnect glitch after then take his shield down. The fireteam leader doesn’t allow this and they all return to their spots in the hallway.

Share you the best free players in FIFA 15 career mode

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Are you building your squad but you don’t have enough FIFA 15 coins?So you are not sure about which players you should buy ? Then,don’t worried about it. We are here to help you to identify the best free players in FIFA 15 Career Mode.

Best Free Goalkeepers in FIFA 15 Career Mode

Nationality: Spain
Club (first season): RCD Espanyol de Barcelona
Rating: 80
Potential: 83
Age: 27
If you don’t have enough FIFA 15 coins to buy a top goalkeeper, you should follow Kiko Casilla. He is ending his contract, which means that he can be yours for free.

Best Alternative: STÉPHANE RUFFIER
Nationality: France
Club (first season): Saint-Etienne
Rating: 83
Potential: 84
Age: 28
Ruffier is one of the best goalkeepers playing in Ligue 1. And the good news is that he is ending his contract with Saint-Etienne.

Second Best Alternative: GIANLUIGI BUFFON
Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Juventus
Rating: 82
Potential: 82
Age: 36
The most expensive goalkeeper of all time is ending his career this season. Are you persuasive enough to convince him to play one more year in your club ? You may be sure that he is still a wonderful player.

Best Free Centre Backs in FIFA 15 Career Mode

Nationality: Cameroon
Club (first season): Marseille
Rating: 79
Potential: 85
Age: 24
Who already have played with him, probably knows that he is a good, fast and balanced defender. He ends his contract with Marseille in 2015, so you can get him for free.

Best Alternative: FABIAN SCHÄR
Nationality: Switzerland
Club (first season): FC Basel
Rating: 75
Potential: 84
Age: 23
If you are building a team for the future you probably will want to give a chance to Schär and discover by yourself why he is one of the favourite defenders of the community. And yes, his contract his coming to the end.

Second Best Alternative: GIORGIO CHIELLINI
Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Juventus
Rating: 84
Potential: 84
Age: 30
Have you ever heard about Chiellini ? Of course you heard. He was one of the best defenders of previous years and he is still a great player in any team. Like it happens with Gary Cahill, his contract is valid only until 2015.

Best Free Centre Midfielders in FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 15 Career Mode
Best Deal: OSCAR
Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): Chelsea
Rating: 84
Potential: 87
Age: 23
Players like this one can not be wasted. He is finishing his contract with Chelsea and you must to convince him to joins to your club.

Best Alternative: SAMI KHEDIRA
Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): Real Madrid
Rating: 84
Potential: 86
Age: 27
Only Lahm and Busquets are clearly better than Khedira as CDM. That’s a good reason to try to get him for free.

Second Best Alternative: ADRIEN RABIOT
Nationality: France
Club (first season): PSG
Rating: 73
Potential: 83
Age: 19
If you are looking for someone younger and easier to hire, Rabiot seems to be a good option. Specially if you don’t play with a top-club.

Best Free Strikers in FIFA 15 Career Mode

Nationality: Ivory Coast
Club (first season): CSKA Moskva
Rating: 82
Potential: 84
Age: 27
Fast players are important in FIFA 15, right ? Free players are always welcome, even when you need to wait a full year, right ? The question is: what are you waiting for ?

Best Alternative: ARTEM DZYUBA
Nationality: Russia
Club (first season): Spartak Moskva
Rating: 80
Potential: 83
Age: 26
He isn’t a great player for your top quality team, but he may be useful if your club is not so top, specially if you like strong strikers.


10 points drives us crazy in FUT 15

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FIFA is still the most popular game so far. According to EA, this year, 542,000 transfers are listed per hour, with 11,000 matches played each day. So, we all agree it’s great, glad we’ve got that out the way – now, on to what makes us want to stamp on the disc with studded boots.

1. There’s not enough cash
Wealth doesn’t come easy, and after all, it’s FIFA 15 coins that matter in a mode that’s basically a footballing stock market, complete with wages to foot. Thankfully EA is addressing dodgy dealing loopholes and bots that have plagued Ultimate Team and made it just downright unfair, but there should be more bonuses for exceptional play and individual skill, instead of having to look online for convoluted ways to
hustle another small handful of coin in FIFA. That said, it’s nice to be able to be able to plan future dream teams with the new Concept Squad feature.

2. It’s not often pretty football
Games often play out with high balls being lofted from one end to the other and mad scrambles, with the goalkeeper either making wonder saves or being rounded three times with four minutes to go. Long shots are really difficult to pull off unless you’ve got the most expensive players, tackling is harder so fast strikers simply speed through your defence and penalties come thick and fast (We’ve explored these issues in more depth before). It all gets a bit tiring and it’s sometimes hard to know if you’ve spent your money well when the gameplay can feel so random.

3. Packs are rubbish
Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit of thrill to open a pack and hope for the best, but just as when you were a kid, all you’ll usually get is disappointment (when opening the pack, not just with childhood life in general). Okay, yes, you’ll get great players eventually, but you’ll have to part with a lot of dough. You’re better off in the transfer market building a team packed with affordable players with high chemistry (rather than having one or two big stars), but then that’s all such a headache. Okay, we’ll try just one more pa… OH NOT YOU AGAIN!

4. It’s too rigid
You are free to build your ultimate team, so why can’t you get them to play where you like? Aren’t you meant to be the boss? I mean, it’s us who’s paid for these players (and the game), so you should be able to mix positions and formations up a bit more. Custom tactics are also a fiddly, administrative mess that takes up a lot of time, especially when you have to set everything up repeatedly from game to game.

5. It’s not emotional enough
Yes, the players have got a fresh lick of emotion on the pitch, but it’s quite a sterile environment for actually creating a team; more like a science lesson followed by double maths than the attachment you get from watching a real team develop. Fine, it isn’t real life, it’s a market trading simulation game, but it would be good if players interacted and built chemistry in more human ways, rather than earning loyalty in a cold, stat-based fashion. Basically, we want more reports of hugs and player strops. And we want a virtual Wenger-style Puffa coat while we deal with it.

6. Missing legends
Sure, he only cost £1.2 million when Sir Alex bought him way back in 1992 (and he kung-fu kicked a fan) but Eric Cantona’s name is still sung at Old Trafford week in week out to this day, so how come EA can’t remember him? Also, while we’re at Man Utd, where’s George Best? Yet Robbie Fowler gets the nod… Someone at EA’s obviously a fan of awful punditry and extremely gelled hair.

7. It’s really hard for casual players
FUT is not something you can dip your toe into. Some will never quite understand it, and even though you’re in the minority it can be frustrating to have a game mode on your £45 purchase that you never really get into. It’s especially frustrating when the transfer market still has occasional glitches, you know the sort of thing, like having your gold taken when you didn’t even win the bid. Nothing’s perfect and it’s incredibly smooth when you consider 13 million transfers are listed per day, but it’s very frustrating when you don’t feel in control.

8. It hasn’t changed enough
Disclaimer: Ultimate Team is incredible. But! But is it all starting to get a bit… repetitive? There’s no doubt it’s brought joy to the masses and shifted more copies of the franchise for EA than all the other modes combined, but, with the exception of loan players and Concept Squads, it’s all pretty much the same as last year, just with slightly worse gameplay. In FIFA 16/17 it would be great to see a complete overhaul, maybe a completely new optional mode with the old FUT still in place, before someone else offers one instead.

9. It’s very expensive
Aside from the cost involved within the virtual world of Ultimate Team, and the cost if you actually spend your real money, it’s a dent in the wallet to have to buy a new copy of FIFA every year if all you’re interested in is FUT, which many are (64 per cent according to EA). A standalone FUT game at half the price would be nice.

10. Finally, people who won’t stop
On the other hand, don’t you ever sometimes just get Ultimate bloody Team fatigue? When you just want to stick in the disc and load up a quick game of United v City, in whatever stadium, with whatever kit and… shock horror… whatever old line up you’re offered? But no, there’s always someone wanting to tinker for what seems like hours (because it is hours) before even kicking the ball, by which time you’ve gone to bed. Sometimes it’s good to just play.

How to save money when buy fifa coins

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Whatever you believe it or not,many individuals may not get what FIFA 15 Coins are, but to the gamers, they are one of the most important items for them.There are also those individuals who sell coins for FIFA 15, even if some people don’t understand why they do it or how the system even works.Therefore,it involves risks that many people might engage into scamming and play tricks on some enthusiasts. Here are some tips to help you find cheap coins and avoid the scammers in the market.Go through with the follow tips now!

Find the Best Seller
Find a retailer that gives you the best services online. Pick the shop that has incomparable automated systems. Some of these retailers do not need to see the trade and can transfer coin to your account. The best coin shops in the internet are the ones who can give you fastest transaction without too much hassle.

Look for a retailer that allows you to use the coin selling interface with ease. These shops are often automated as well. You can go through several sellers and check out their automated systems.

Consider the Price
Nobody can give a specific rate that is general for all Fifa 15 Coins, because the prices could vary widely. The prices change usually because of competitions and there has been so many coin sellers over the internet today. Check out the prices in the market regularly, top make sure you pay the right rate. Look for suggestion from your search for FIFA coins online. Look for a shop with most affordable coins and get few coins from them, but you can buy more if you choose to. This will help you identify the best seller online.

Take Note of the Taxes
Buy fifa 15 coins will require you to pay taxes. Clarify about the taxes from the coin shop. It is also great of you compare prices from several retailers.

Know the Refund Policy
You can’t get refund from all coin shop. You might need to get your payment refunded, so better inquire about it before buying. You can usually read refund policies at the bottom of the websites. It could actually help you if you know about these things.the information on refunds may contain something like getting a refund will only be allowed within 12 hours after the purchase. The information about refund processing fee may also be included.

Finally,I want to say,the most useful tips to get cheapest fifa coins is to master your skills in game trading.

FIFA 15 predictions about TOTY

fifa 15

It’s time to again with the TOTY set to be released in mid January.This year I believe it is a lot harder to predict but here we go.By the way,if I were to personally select TOTY it would be as follows: Neuer, Alaba, Godin, Boateng, Lahm, Maria, Schweiny, Rodriguez, Messi, Ronaldo, Robben. However I do not and this is what I believe will happen through the current voting system which personally I believe needs a lot of work. let’s have a look at what we can expect to see.

Manuel Neuer – GK – 90 OVR
There is only one man that could possibly get this spot and that of course is Manuel Neuer. Although the likes of Courtois and Buffon have had a brilliant seasons Neuer is just untouchable and that is likely to be the case for a few years yet.

Philipp Lahm – RB – 87 OVR
Lahm is in fact listed as a defender for the awards I think because of that we will see him in to this years side. After helping Germany to win the world cup and then retiring he will be one of the first defenders selected by many. I assume EA will make him a RB as they can’t really have a CDM card as a RB either way Lahm is a player that will no doubt feature in this years side

Sergio Ramos – CB – 87 OVR
Although Spain had a disaster of a World Cup Ramos will still make this team for what he managed with Madrid. Madrid may not have won the league however they did win the Champions League and Ramos played a massive part in that scoring multiple goals. Personally defensively I don’t feel that Ramos is the strongest however his reputation alone will be strong enough to see him in.

Mats Hummels – CB – 86 OVR
Hummels is a world class defender and is up there with the best for sure. He showed that with his performances at the world cup, managing to get himself on the score sheet alongside putting in a brilliant defensive display game after game. However Dortmund are really struggling this season with them currently battling relegation, not many could have predicted that one! The fact Hummels did not transfer in the summer could actually hinder his chances for this team however I feel he should and will be in the team this year.

Thiago Silva – CB – 87 OVR
This position should be claimed by Alaba for me however he is one of those players that can be classed as an unsung hero which I don’t think his nationality does him any favours either. Silva being the opposite with his reputation carrying a lot of weight in the current voting system and for that reason alone I believe that he will make the side.

Ángel Di María – CM – 89 OVR
First of all I disagree with these Midfielder selections however it’s what I believe will happen. After Di Maria’s massive transfer he will be on the mind of many players, especially after some brilliant world cup and league base performances. Maria was one of Madrid’s best performers last season and he has carried those performances over to United this season. He appears to add a spark to his side producing some amazing goals and assists.

James Rodríguez – CAM – 86 OVR
I could easily just leave this explanation as “World Cup Hype” No doubt that Rodriguez is an outstanding player but worthy of a TOTY slot I’m not sure. Will he get in however is another question. With his astonishing World Cup display before a big money transfer to Madrid there is no doubt in my mind that Rodriguez will feature in this years team.

Iniesta – CM – 89 OVR
Likely to cause a lot of controversy but I believe that Iniesta will be this years Dani Alves. What I mean by that is there is no way that Iniesta deserves to be in this team but because of his past and his reputation it will carry him into the team. The midfielders as a whole were very hard to select this year however. I was personally hoping that Robben would have been in the midfielder section.

Cristiano Ronaldo – LW – 92 OVR
Not that Ronaldo needs much of an introduction but Ronaldo the reining Ballon D’or holder and for me should win it this year as well. With 32 goals in the 2014/2015 season alone stats don’t lie.

Lionel Messi – CF – 93 OVR
Just like Ronaldo I feel that while Messi is still playing he will always be included in this team. His reputation is massive around the world and from watching him play you can see why. Moments of magic happen on a game by game basis and thats not something you can say about many other players. Messi has also broken several more records this year and although they will be broken by Ronaldo soon they are Messi’s records as it stands.

Luis Suárez – ST – 89 OVR
First of all I strongly disagree with Suarez being able to claim this award after being out half the season through his own accordance. Fifpro however have decided to allow him into the voting and I am predicting what the players will predict. Suarez’s name will be on the minds of many as although he has moments of stupidity there is no doubt that he is an unbelievable player. I personally believe that Muller should claim this spot however I doubt he will.