Destiny: This Week’s Twilight And Heroic Strike Is Called Pit

The weekly refresh for Bungie’s Destiny power leveling has come and gone, leaving us with a new Weekly Heroic Strike and a Nightfall Strike to attempt. Both take place in the Summoning Pits, forcing you to battle multiple Hive enemies before taking down the beast Phogoth.


The Weekly Heroic’s modifiers include Heroic (more enemies which are tougher and more aggressive) and Arc Burn (Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased). As for the Nightfall Strike, the five modifiers this week include Nightfall (all players dying results in returning to orbit), Epic (more enemies that are more aggressive and have heavy shields), Lightswitch (melee damage from enemies is greatly increased), Angry (enemies won’t flinch) and Arc Burn.

The best weapons to equip for both Strikes are Praedyth’s Timepiece, Fatebringer, Thunderlord, Patience and Time, Murmur, Plan C and Light of the Abyss. You can check out this walkthrough by Todd Awesome on YouTube for more tips and tricks on how to effectively finish the Strikes.