NBA 2K17 Guide: How To Find Out Locker Codes This Season

For NBA 2K17 locker codes, it’s safe to say that it’s extremely valuable, to that end, it’s seems that players have been looking for them. More infortantly, as usual, locker codes are in short supply as well. What’s more, the ones that do go active usually remain as such for only a short time, hence, they need to action out right off if they are eager to use them. For this season, when it comes to the distribution of locker codes, a pattern emerged. So many players are now tend to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT online.


If gamers want to get their hands on as many Locker Codes as possible, they first need to keep their eyes on the box scores. Many of the distributed Locker Codes this year were made for NBA players who recently had great games.

If an NBA player recently puts up a pretty good stat line in a game, there’s a good chance that a Locker Code will be made for him, so “NBA 2K17” gamers need to keep an eye on those box scores to know where the new codes may come from. For some gamers, Make sure to get cheap NBA 2K17 MT as soon as possible.

Gamers looking for Locker Codes should also follow 2K Sports digital marketing director Ronnie Singh on Twitter. Singh usually notifies the basketball players themselves that Locker Codes have been made for them. By following Singh’s account on Twitter, which is “@Ronnie2K,” gamers can find out early on exactly where the new Locker Codes themselves will come from.

After all that, gamers just need to look for NBA player tweets containing the Locker Codes, and that should be easy if they checked out the box scores and the tweets from “@Ronnie2K” on Twitter.

In addition, be reminded of NBA 2K players that locker codes tend to expire pretty quickly, hence, they need to action out as soon as possible, in order to redeem the ones quicker. For more NBA 2K17 locker codes details, in the near future, it’ll be made available. Recommended you access official websites to get more latest news about NBA 2K17: