The development of original animation IP the same Revelation Online by notice

In just the end of the NetEase on the ceremony, no 3D fantasy masterpiece “Heaven bound” encyclical attracted many game enthusiasts eyes. The United States and Kenshin came to share “Revelation Online” from art experience, and a fan of the game and the exposure is expected in man users notice: “Revelation Online” the same encyclical movie trailers.

“Revelation Online” in 2015 by open beta, in 16 this month launched a new piece of information industry occupation shadow reincarnation “, with its flight system seamless map, a high degree of freedom and a copy of the challenging game player won recognition, and with the international well-known game makers Mail.Ru group cooperation with Russia to enter the European market. Russia after the beta popularity continued to become hot, Mail.Ru agent the best market performance of the game, and by the local media as “the 2016 most ambitious game”.

In the NetEase on the ceremony, “Revelation Online” the United States and describes the encyclical Kenshin latest updates on content of martial resident understanding. Since Revelation Online he is committed to creating an oriental fantasy world, so that every game player can get free free experience in the world of Yu day. As Revelation Online from view of the world an important piece to the puzzle, martial resident has insisted from Revelation Online of the encyclical art style, with very fantastic elements but style scenes show each day encyclical sects and schools as the background story of game player.

The open and play martial resident series launch, will further enhance the game player are belonging to their own martial art sense, at the same time, game player will be exposed to martial dust laden history, to further understand the Oriental fantasy world by day.

In the absence of large IP ring blessing under the background of “Revelation Online” Yu not only for the excellent quality of the game to get the favor of the market, also in cooperation with the Mystery Science and Technology launched the animated film of the same name, to build their own IP. Xuan pole technology is the country’s top three-dimensional animation production company, the original animation flagship brand “Qin moon” series of animation in China has hundreds of millions of loyal audience, and continue to develop new brand promotion. “Revelation Online” in the encyclical Grand View of the world, aesthetic style and distinctive characters become the focus of research and development project of mystery.

From the trailer, the animation will match the main line and the game. Popular characters such as the blood of juvenile small, high cold goddess Luo Tong consumes, basic model in the game, adjustment is more in line with the animation style, is full of sincerity.

With the same attitude, “Revelation Online” and the Yu Xuan combination, for the majority of game player and animation enthusiasts, bring extraordinary experience.

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NBA 2K17 VC: How Not To Get Prohibited From NBA 2K17

Due to the NBA 2K17 series has grown in popularity, at the same time, for its the value of in-game currency has gradually grown too. Hence, more and more Virtual Currencies such as NBA 2K17 MT has short in supply. To that end, where there’s value? it’s no undeniably to say that there are dollars, additionally, where there are dollars there will always be shadiness. According to 2K, it has been attempting to banning accounts so that crack down on those who aim to cheat their system, in other word, in their game, and find exploits.


IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR NBA 2K – Team GFG seen at the NBA 2K16 Road to the Finals championship event on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, in Los Angeles. Two teams of gamers go head to head during a competition that merges simulation basketball with eSports for a shot at $250,000 and a trip to the 2015-2016 NBA Finals.

Virtual Currency aka VC is a big deal, as are My Team Points. The former can be used to upgrade your MyPlayer which increases your chance for success in the MyCareer, MyGM, MyTeam, MyPark and Pro-Am modes. With the strong push toward the eSports scene in Pro-Am and MyPark, maintaining a level playing field has become even more important. Are you excited for Virtual Currencies especially for cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale.

How to Get Banned? So what gets a player banned in NBA 2K17? According to 2K Support, there are five violations:

Virtual Currency (VC/MTP) promotion
Example: Promoting the sale of VC or MTP. Basically, it’s the flipside of the first violation.

Account buying
Example: Someone has an account with 200,000 and offers to sell it you for XX amount of cash and you make the purchase.

Using Bots or Hacking
Example: This will primarily relate to PC users, but creating any bot of hacking initiative that delivers VC, MTP or any other in-game exploit.

Purchase of Virtual Currency (VC/MTP) From Unauthorized Third Parties
Example: You see a tweet or message from someone selling VC or MyTeam points, and you pay them real money in exchange for the in-game currency.

Virtual Currency (VC/MTP) selling and farming.
Examples of Selling VC: You offer to sell someone VC or MTP. Example of Farming: You realize you get 500 VC every time you create a My Player, so you keep creating them and deleting them to collect an unlimited amount of VC. By using those ways, Have you a clearer idea of how to get more cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4?

NBA 2K17 Tricks And Tips: Unlimited Stamina And Without Fatigue

In fact, for NBA 2K17, it’s a quite easy game, in particular, for those who have played the previous entries in the series. Nonetheless, sometime, some players merely want to breeze through everything in a faster way.


Here’s a nice tool for playing “NBA 2K17” not the way it is meant to be played, but will surely get things going really fast. The trainer covers a number of useful cheats and some non-essential, but funny functions.

The cheats covered are as follows

Numpad 1 – Add 10 Score (Home Team)
Numpad 2 – Add 10 Score (Away Team)
Numpad 3 – Infinite Stamina
Numpad 4 – No Fatigue
Numpad 5 – Freeze Timer
Numpad 6 – End Current Quarter
Numpad 7 – Infinite Points
Numpad 8 – Add 5000 Points
Numpad 9 – Ignore Attribute Limits
Numpad 0 – Max Upgrade Availability
Numpad (.) – A+ Rating
Numpad (+) – Infinite Fans
Ctrl + Numpad 1 – MyGM Infinite Experience
Ctrl + Numpad 2 – MyGM Add 5000 Experience
Ctrl + Numpad 3 – Infinite Price Changes
Ctrl + Numpad 4 – Super Speed
Ctrl + Numpad 5 – Slow Motion

The trainer is only available for the PC version of “NBA 2K17.” The good thing about the trainer is that it can be downloaded for free and is safe from any malicious programs or scripts. This is unlike the usual trainers nowadays that are either too expensive or free, but with an additional “baggage” that isn’t worth the trouble.

For someone, they would like to have a more hands-on approach, in addition to this, they have never thought of take a risk breaking the game. On the contrary, they are willing to check this guide, some time ago, we’ve also covered for NBA 2K17.